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Please be understanding if errors creep in from time to time in sentences, times or words or else.
My native language is not English, but I am grown up speaking 3 languages Swiss-German, High-German and French as it is customary in Switzerland.
But it would not be so interesting to write in my own languages, since I love to read in English and especially Highlander Stories. For me itís the bigger challenge to write in English. I hope you understand my Highlander story anyway.
Iím totally against corporal punishment of children. I have a social and green setting. But in the Highlander stories it fitís somehow. So I take this liberty, because it is not even real.
I think there will be definitively more than 4 chapters in my first story Coming Home and it will probably change to an AU story as well.
If I have time I will also write a story about Mahiri of Atlantis and her husband Matthew.
There could also be a story or two about how they train and help their students. Especially Methos, Cassandra, Conner, Duncan and our little Richie.
Do Mahiri and Matthew know where Immortals come from? They certainly know about the Watchers and Ahriman too.

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Coming home by mahiri Rated: ADULT [Reviews - 0]
Summary: First season Story about building a family. (Duncan, Richie, Tessa) and other Characters
Categories: Novellas Characters: Richie
Genres: Alternate Universe Warnings: WORK IN PROGRESS
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Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: No Word count: 22282
Published: 09/18/10 Updated: 09/18/10
Summary: I like the stories from the first season and this story is about how Richie came to live with Duncan and Tessa.
This story starts in the middle of the episode the Gathering. If you don't like spanking or discipline of a teenager then please don't read it. There are a lot of other stories you can enjoy.
Categories: Novels Characters: Duncan
Genres: Alternate Universe Warnings: Dominance/submission
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: No Word count: 18567
Published: 06/23/12 Updated: 06/23/12