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It\'s really not fair sometimes. See, when highlander was big and cool... I was still watching muppet babies. Now I\'m all growed up and I got all nostolgic and they had highlander on late one night on syfy... It was an Amanda ep. I fell in love with her and Duncan (Yes. I only crush on couples never an individual. The perils of being bi.) So I watch ever highlander fanfic with Amanda in it 60 times over....

Of course you get bored with that so I went to fanfic. I don\'t know if anyone\'s aware of this but there are only about 10 fics in all the web about our boy scout and his trouble maker. It made me want to cry.

Thus, I\'ve decide to pick up my pen... however horrible I may be... and subject you all to my bad writing. I appologize but I see no other way!
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The Appeal of Trouble by Kennysister Rated: All Audiences [Reviews - 0]
Summary: Amanda has, on a few occasions, accused Duncan of never letting her change, though he repeatedly encourages her to live an honest, straight life... She's not exactly wrong.
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Published: 04/09/10 Updated: 04/09/10