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Self-indulgent reader of this and that since an early age. Especially fantasy, science fiction, the vampire genre, historical fiction, romance, and slash. In movies and video my tastes have been mostly the same.

Giddily overindulgent in the reading and writing of (mostly) Highlander slash.
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Summary: Cassandra comes to Lochlainn Castle, with resulting revelations. Plost among the Watchers reach lethal levels.
Categories: Short Stories Characters: Cassandra, Connor, Duncan, Joe, Methos, Original Character(s), Other canon character(s)
Genres: Duncan/Methos, Slash Warnings: Caveat lector, Kink
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Series: Sins of Omission
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 7742
Published: 08/31/09 Updated: 08/31/09