Five Things III by Killa
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Five Lies Methos Told Duncan

1. "I'd've killed you." But they both knew that was a lie, so it hardly counts. He never actually said he intended to let Duncan kill him that night, so that's more of a gray area. Also, it's not really a lie if you're not sure whether it's true or not. Right?

2. Afterwards, though, when he said he couldn't go back to his flat, and had nowhere else to go? Not strictly true. But oh, so worth it.

3. Come to think of it, he's used that "no place else to stay" line a couple of times. Does it still count as a lie if you're reasonably certain the other party's in on it?

4. He's hinted at a few different versions of how, exactly, he knows so much about Darius, but none of them is really the whole story. Someday. Or, at least that's what he tells himself.

5. The whole "holy spring" thing. He still can't believe Duncan bought it. But, what the hell, it worked, and that's good enough for him.