Swords by Holde_Maid
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Author's Notes:
I love drabbles. This one goes back to a challenge at highlander100, a livejournal community. :-)

“Mine's bigger than his,” Duncan jerked a thumb in Methos’ general direction.

Amanda looked amused, and far too intrigued for the Highland boyscout to feel comfortable.

Methos barely reacted, though. He merely commented "This one, yes. But then, a broadsword is a broadsword, and you have to have the right build." He glanced up at Duncan with a look of appraisal that reminded Duncan of a watchmaker looking at a dysfunctional grandfather clock. "You do." He grinned. "So yes, perhaps yours is bigger than mine."

Amanda’s eyes met Methos' gaze. "I wonder..."

"We’re talking about swords, Amanda. Just swords."