Hidden in Plain Sight by AD absolutely
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"Hidden in Plain Sight"
Beta'd by methos_fan
by ad
"I was very young when I learned that lesson. It's kind of like the bit about a butterfly flapping it's wings in an English garden leading to a windstorm in China. Interesting, but unfair to blame the butterfly. In this story it was just a boy playing with pebbles. Not that he had anything else to play with -- never mind that. A stray pebble ends up in the king's boot, causing him aggravation during a battle. Later, his soldiers come looking for someone to take it out on and find this kid playing in a corner of the boot shed -- last day he did any playing for a lifetime or two. There's a real art to hiding in plain sight. Sometimes it works, but sometimes you get blamed for the fall of an empire when all you were doing was playing with your stones."

Joe laughed, almost spitting beer on his bar, and started to protest the unlikeliness of the story, but stopped when he saw the hidden truth in hooded eyes. Instead he offered, "Have another beer Methos, this one's on me."