Alternative by Holde_Maid
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Author's Notes:

I don't own the shows, the characters or the universes. I don't intend harm, either, nor do I expect to make any money off this.


"The alternative is unthinkable", he had told Alexa, long long time ago. And it had been true. He hadn't been able to so much as consider being without her.

Much as he loved Camilla, with her things had been different. He hadn't even bothered to tell her what he was, even though she was not frail and about to die. There had been no good reason for his silence. None but the fact that he just didn't care enough. That he knew in his heart they would break apart.

It had happened sooner that he'd expected.

Fighting an Immortal when you were wearing a tophat and shiny shoes with leather soles had not been fun at all, but he had managed. Thank Goodness the challenger had been too eager and lacking in discipline. His eyes showed clearly where his next attack would go. The strength behind the blows had taken him unprepared, coming from such a slim boy. But he had adapted to this, as he always did.

In the end, he had won. The kid had cost him the chance to be on time and decent when he drove off to his wedding, but at least the challenge hadn't cost his own life.

Riding in the car, he had reviewed his options. As soon as he had thought about explaining to Camilla the state he had been in, he had known what to do. Barbados beckoned, and Camilla would get a phone call...

Well, that part hadn't gone according to plan, but he still hadn't turned back. The wedding had been a silly idea to begin with, and it wouldn't have been fair to prolong this foolishness any further.

And now here she was, at Holby City, of all places.

While she had thrown crockery at him, his only fear had been that someone might see him heal if she actually hit him. At the same time he had been glad to watch her get her anger out of her system. But now that she actually sat in front of him, he merely wished he had not toyed with the idea that he might be happy again. He should have known better.

The truth was, at the moment, that particular alternative was still unthinkable.