The Bride by Holde_Maid
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Author's Notes:

I don't own the shows, the characters or the universes. I don't intend harm, either, nor do I expect to make any money off this.


The jilted bride had been a nice touch. The idea had actually come to him at night. He had dreamed of a woman standing there in front of the church, all in white and waiting for her Dan Clifford and... Strangely, he had felt the disappointment, the anger, as if it had been his own heart that was broken. A shadow of memories past, no doubt.

The actress, at any rate, had played her role just fine, had even gone just that little bit further than was exactly sane and rational, but that was exactly why he had wanted to work with her. Her utter devotion to her job.

Indeed, the jilted bride had been a perfect move. With that, he had become real to them all. Human. There was a number of things they would still doubt about him, but not his identity or his humanity. The biggest lies of them all.