Lead On / Methos by Holde_Maid
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Author's Notes:
The Highlander universes and characters do not belong to me, which is just as well, since they are quite a handful. However, I made so bold as to borrow them; Thus this story as such as well as the unnamed original character therein are mine. But then, Iím happy to share.

Thanks to Rhi for the challenge and to Ith for beta duty. All errors are my own, but feel free to keep any you find and like. *g*

Sometimes they are easy to lead on.
Sometimes they are not.

She had been reading the Chronicle very carefully. All the same, her notes were scarce, and some things just didn't match up.

Goodness, the oldest man in all history, and there was so little to go on, really! It was frustrating. At the same time, well, it was only logical. Methos wasn't considered a myth half the time for nothing. You'd have to be pretty good at disappearing to stay around that long. There always was some Immortal who was faster, stronger, meaner, had better arms or skills, or just plain cheated, right?

Still, no Immortal could always escape notice, not even after several thousand years of practice. He had to have swords, just like they all did. And in the course of that exceptionally long life, there must have been any number of them. No, the existence of a sword owned by Methos wasn't what bothered her. Nor was it encountering one of them in the Watcher archive. These vaults held a large collection of assorted weaponry left behind by Immortals. Halberds, maces, knives, razors, … and swords of all shapes and ages. This was nothing out of the ordinary at all.

Maybe it was just the idea that she might be regarding the real thing. One of the very swords of Methos himself.

On the other hand, she was sure now it wasn't mentioned in any of the Methos Chronicles. And yet the label did not hint at any doubtful source. Or any source, for that matter. It just said "Short sword of Methos, Bronze Age, acquired in 1716." How the heck had the Watchers gotten hold of this thing? WHO had? There was no cross-reference to any of the other chronicles, no mention of the Watcher who had "acquired" it. Whatever that meant.
She really needed to dig deeper, if she ever wanted to get to the bottom of this scandalous mess that past Watcher archivists had left behind.