Regret Eternal I by Ithildin
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Author's Notes:
I was challenged to write a drabble -- something I didn't think I could do. But I did, and this was the result. It became the first in a series of what I came to call "Reader's Choice' drabbles, giving the reader the choice as to whether it was het or slash, and just who the other character is. Thanks for reading!

Glass under my feet, his presence fading. He told me he’s leaving because of what I’ve done, but I know that’s not true; it’s because of what I have not done. I should have judged him, turned him away, rejected him utterly. That was what he wanted, what he needed to justify leaving. Because leaving was what Methos did best. I should have remembered that. Maybe then it wouldn’t have felt as if my soul were dying, maybe then I wouldn’t have hated him. But it was far too late now; loving him was a regret I would never outlive.