Final Destination by Holde_Maid
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Author's Notes:

Disclaimer: The universes and characters of Highlander: The Series do not belong to me. Not mine, and no harm or copyright infringement intended. And so far, absolutely no money being made. Not by me, at least. I'm open to offers from the owners of the show, though. *g*

Thanks to glindapinkwitch for her inspiring challenge at LiveJournal.

Charlie could feel it, the slow sinking, the giving in. His heart was fighting, was pounding, but it was pushing pointlessly. With every contraction it just pumped blood out of his body. With every contraction it lost strength.
He was dying.
Duncan came running to his side, his weight made the floor vibrate. Didn’t matter. He was saying something, was maybe even shouting, but he didn’t get through. Charlie couldn’t decode the sounds. Didn’t matter.
He was loved. Accepted. Valued. The one thing he had always been afraid of had been dying lonely. And now it didn’t matter.