Methos' Secret by Holde_Maid
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Author's Notes:
Apart from the ever-present dangers of Immortality, this ficlet is fairly harmless and thus rated PG-13 topmost


This ficlet was written in answer to a challenge comprising an image of Methos reading an ancient tome - you'll probably find it at HLWW, among pictures of the next Highlander film, "The Source".

Neither said picture nor the characters or universes of "Highlander: The Series" belong to me. I've no intention of infringing on the owner's rights and if I made any money off this, I'd happily split with them. Alas, I'm not making any.

As he entered, Duncan was fully aware both of the lithe body and the quick mind that were part of what made Methos such a dangerous enemy. Methos, however, did not seem to be aware of him. Could the man be so lost in whatever he was reading that he hadn’t noticed?

The ancient Immortal mumbled, "Just a second."
Ah. So he had noticed him. That was a relief. It would have been a pity to lose him to a surprise attack one day.

The book he was now closing was a large volume and looked a few hundred years old.
"What were you reading?" Duncan inquired.

Methos gave him a smug grin. "Flirt instructions."


Smirking, Methos handed him the book. MacLeod turned it around, but its back was blank. He opened it. When he saw the title, he began to laugh hysterically.