A Sword To Drink The Darkness by Shomeret
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The darkness drinks me, Duncan.
Vampires are consumed
By the rich red river of life
That is their sustenance.
It feasts on my regrets
And devours my bitterness
Making a curse of immortality.

Though you live keenly balanced
On the edge of a sword blade
You manage to evade the darkness
By bravely bearing your weapon
In defense of those unable
To fight their own battles.

I too have vainly sought
To protect the innocent
From the depredations of predators.
Yet the victims still die
And the perpetrators return
To reap their bloody harvest
From the vast vineyards of homicide.
I choke on that acrid wine
Which drowns even my attempt
At restitution in sorrowful futility.

How I envy you, Highlander!
With one stroke of a sword
You remove malefactors irrevocably.
Your duels do vanquish the darkness.
It retreats in fear of your blade
That sups upon evil
And eradicates it from existence.
No wonder you can call
Immortality a gift.

Deliver me from the eternal night
That feeds on my essence, Duncan.
Sink your valiant sword
Into my murdering throat
So it may drink deeply
Of that predatory darkness
That defines my vampire soul
And destroy all of my forever.