Breakin' all the Rules by Holde_Maid
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Author's Notes:

Disclaimer: The universes and characters of Highlander: The Series do not belong to me. Not mine, and no harm or copyright infringement intended. And so far, absolutely no money being made. Not by me, at least. I'm open to offers from the owners of the show, though. *g*

Thanks to glindapinkwitch for her inspiring challenge at LiveJournal.

“Breakin’ the rules again, are you, Adam?”
"Hey, Dawson," the young Watcher academic nodded. "Just being curious. I don't see why I shouldn't have access to those notes. It's not as if they aren't going to end up in our Watcher files, anyway, is it? I'm following up an obscure reference for this thesis on Methos I'm writing."
"Yeah, whatever. They're mine, and now back off."
"Hiding something, Dawson?"
"Being nosy, Pierson? Around a senior Watcher, even?"
How right Dawson had been about him and his breaking all the rules. At least all Watcher rules…