Death on the Nile by Holde_Maid
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Author's Notes:

Disclaimer: The universes and characters of Highlander: The Series do not belong to me. Not mine, and no harm or copyright infringement intended. And so far, absolutely no money being made. Not by me, at least. I'm open to offers from the owners of the show, though. *g*

Thanks to glindapinkwitch for inspiring my by her challenge at LiveJournal.

Gods, it hurt so badly! Healing was all fine and good, but you did pay a tremendous price for being stupid enough to let a crocodile find you at the banks of the Nile. Or in a sinking boat on the Nile, in his case.
If only he knew, if only he could even begin to guess who had wanted his death…
Oh, what of it! He had been lucky, for his boat had sunk at night so that surely nobody could have seen him die. His killer would pay, as the crocodile already had.