A series of Unfortunate Events by Holde_Maid
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Author's Notes:

Disclaimer: The universes and characters of Highlander: The Series do not belong to me. Not mine, and no harm or copyright infringement intended. And so far, absolutely no money being made. Not by me, at least. I'm open to offers from the owners of the show, though. *g*

Thanks to glindapinkwitch for inspiring my by her challenge at LiveJournal.

"Unfortunate?! Ha, I'll give you unfortunate!"

"I wish you'd let me explain..." Amanda escaped Methos' sword only by a cat's whiskers, and by now she seriously regretted having picked this mansion, of all, to burgle. "Really, I had NO IDEA it's your house! Honest to God!"

"But you could have..." Suddenly he broke off, his sword made a swift turn, and he hit her chin with its pommel.

No, she couldn't have recognised the ring. She had never seen Alexa wear it.

She probably hadn't even seen Alexa.
... How privileged he had been...