Regarding Indy by Wabbitseason
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Author's Notes:
Another fic based off an LJ icon. This one off the delightful "Potter... Harry Potter" PW icon. The requestor noted similarities to James Bond or Indiana Jones. Then I remembered Indy in his professorial attire in Raiders and I was categorically doomed. The story was helped along by recent Egyptology findings about the contents of King Tut's wine jars.

The bunnies happily bounced into my lap and noted the following resemblance.

Standing in front of the chalkboard, the new professor focused on writing his name in simple capital letters. Professor Henry James Potter. Not a bad name, Methos considered, wiping his hands of excess chalk. Not his own, of course, but he hadn't owned up to that name in a long time.

His students hadn't arrived yet, so Methos still had time to grow used to the idea of being an archaeologist. Who else could teach this particular Egyptology seminar? After all, he was uniquely qualified. Hadn't he spent ages in Egypt and drank the finest wines of the pharaohs... usually to make sure said pharaohs weren't being poisoned by their first cousins, but he tried not to think about that fact.

He settled his glasses more securely over his nose. He hoped they wouldn't droop in the middle of his lecture. That would be embarrassing on his first day. In the middle of adjusting his glasses, he heard a distinct guffaw behind him. Turning around, he said. "Jones!"

His old friend, Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones, was leaning in the doorway, grinning from ear to ear. His weather-beaten face had acquired a few lines and wrinkles, but the other archaeologist still looked like he was tougher than men half his age. His own glasses were tucked in his front pocket, but otherwise he looked like he was ready for another of his world travels.

"I thought I'd find you getting settled in, you old codger," Indy grinned. He looked at the Egyptian artifacts his colleague had brought in for his first class. "I see you don't lose any time. Where did you find these jars?" Indy asked. "These look like 18th dynasty?" He glanced up at his friend. Methos gave a careful nod. Indy pulled out his glasses, already examining the hieroglyphics. "Wait a minute, this is the royal seal, how did you..." He whistled appreciatively. "Quite impressive showpieces. You'd better be careful or Marcus will want them for his collection."

Methos grimaced, remembering his lone encounter with the redoubtable Marcus Brody. "I'm certain he will." He added. "These are from a private collection. They loaned them to me for the duration of the seminar." He shrugged. "I thought it'd be good for the students to have some tangible evidence."

"Aren't you afraid to have these priceless artifacts lying around?" Indy asked.

"You're going to be away, so they'll be completely safe," Methos grinned. Indy glared at him. "Where are you going this time? South American jungles? Deepest darkest Africa?"

"I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you," Indy remarked.

"It's been tried," Methos said cryptically. "Another secret government mission?"

"Of a sort," Indy said. "Keep a good watch on the place while I'm gone. But don't rearrange Marcus' collections..."

"I only changed the jewelry in that one display," Methos complained. "Those jewels aren't supposed to dangle from the ears."

"And one more thing," Indy said before he left, still glancing at the jars. "Red or white?"

"Red, of course," Methos said impatiently. "The pharaoh wouldn't be caught dead drinking that vile stuff...don't you have an artifact to find or something?"

"Don't you have a class to teach, Professor Potter?" Indy grinned, allowing several female students to pass through the classroom door. "See you around, old buddy." With a wave, Indy had disappeared out the door, heading wherever the wind took him.

Methos sighed. Compared to Indiana Jones, immortals were damn near open books.