Myth and Man by Wabbitseason
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Author's Notes:
I wrote this in response to an icon challenge requests off my "It's good to be a myth" Methos icon. I imagined this taking place during "Finale" when Joe and Methos have finally met and are on the way to see the Scottish boyscout.

"You mind telling me how you pulled it off?" Joe demanded driving over Duncan MacLeod's boathouse. "For ten solid years, you pulled the wool over the eyes of the very group who was supposed to be watching and studying you."

Methos shrugged, "It's easier to hide in plain sight, Joe." He grinned sheepishly, slouching in his seat. "Who would think to look for me here?"

"I certainly wouldn't," Joe admitted. "If you had told me that the oldest living immortal would be sitting right to me in the Paris traffic jam…"

"Will you lay off?" Methos looked irritable. "I never asked to be a myth."

"But you never discouraged anyone from thinking that either," Joe interrupted.

"Can you blame me, Joe?" Methos asked. "You've seen how much a 5000 year old head is worth to someone like Kalas. Small wonder I disappeared as far underground as I could." He sighed. "Really, it was more of a happy accident than devious planning on my part."

"Happy accident?" Joe sounded dubious.

"If you haven't noticed," Methos said, "I'm not like MacLeod. I'm not one to stay behind and fight the first immortal which crosses my path. When trouble comes, I'm usually long gone." He shrugged. "So while my contemporaries were off fighting their battles and settling scores…"

"You were nowhere to be found," Joe nodded. "And as the years wore on, you became the de facto oldest immortal. So old no one believes you could be real…"

"No one hunts a myth," Methos reminded him. "As long as people believed I didn't exist, I was perfectly safe." He grimaced. "Kalas changed all that. He showed me I'm still in the Game whether I like it or not."

"Thought you avoided fighting," Joe said.

"I'm no different than any other immortal," Methos smiled. "If I have to fight, I will."

Above all, he was a survivor. Because even some myths have some bite to them.