questions by Raine Wynd
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Author's Notes:
Thanks to Linda Hutcheson for her editing skill, and the formatting that changed the way I viewed this poem.

do you remember the way the wind tasted
before exhaust fumes choked the subtle flavors from the sky
and every nuance was something you could identify readily? (and
if I said I did, it has no bearing on here and now)

do you wish you could forget the way the clouds
threatened and you prayed to gods long forgotten
because you knew nothing about atmospheric pressure and
the moon's gravitational pull? (everyone does
stupid things when they don't know why should I be any
different from you?)

or do you simply choose to dream of a future without swords
and the constant battles to survive this Game you never
chose to play but have somehow survived beyond your
wildest imaginings? (why don't you just get to the point and
ask me what you really fear)

or do you always tell the one you're with that she's the one
you love and it's the truth for that moment in time forever
more but you know in your heart you've loved someone
more deeply than this? (why does it always come down to this
when my love is faithful?)