United Nations, Divided Souls by MacG_Maygra
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Author's Notes:

The Immortal Nations universe incorporates concepts of the ancestry of Immortals (with permission) from Eng's Chaos Chronicles in the HLQC, but is not intended as a sequel to that brilliant work. We also borrow (again, with permission) Eng's character of Sean MacLeod. But the interpretation of who he is, his character and experiences, is our own. The story stands on its own, but the premise of Immortal Nations is better understood by reading the stories on which this universe is based: MacGeorge's Endgame. Also written by MacGeorge with this AU in mind are The Cutting Edge and Checkmate.


"Future Histories may well claim that the Americas fell to an overwhelming military force, and so they did -- in the end. But the first conquest of the New World was made not on the battlefield but in the boardrooms. She had been meant to lead the world, but unlike the Titan, she found the burden of that world too great and so she fell.

The unsupported debt of nearly three centuries finally broke her proud back and she succumbed. What had once been the barbaric East became the new West and America, for all her freedoms, could not maintain her own. With her fall went others as the East spread its many-fingered influence in all directions. Once the economic subjugation was near complete, then came the military forces to hold what had been bought and sold and so, America as a nation, fell to superior financial planning -- but her people, they fell to the bloodthirsty rage of conquest.

But out of that conquest rose anew an old nation and with the Dragons at the gates, the gates were pulled closed by a people who had once fallen before another invasion. The geographical line that had once divided a country now defines a Nation; smaller, less generous, but no less noble or brave. They called themselves the Cherokee once and now do so again, raising up forgotten tribes and a near forgotten heritage to form a bulwark against the Eastern Dawn and they hold fast. Those who can, join them, and despite their military prowess, the East, so far, cannot breach the Gates of Holy Ground: for all of the Nation is Sacred, or so the legends and histories say.

It is a distinction not lost on the conqueror, the leaders of whom are as Immortal as Gods but as fallible as men. They, the legendary Immortals, had voided a Game, called off a Gathering, and that tale is twisted with this one -- but where that ancient Game claimed there could be only One, this newer Game -- the one we are still playing -- claims there can be only one Immortal Nation. And all the powers of good and evil have gathered to see it played out. Those once divided by a community -- one created to lay aside our bloodthirsty war against one another -- that Community is as threatened as the new Cherokee Nation. The goals are the same and Community and Nation have also joined together. Those once defined by other rules have now become a Tribe, a Clan, and we pray, a Hope that mankind may yet survive an Apocalypse of his own making."

Peter Two-Sons, Chronicler

Dawson Historical Society,

187 A.F.M. (Old Calendar 2187 A.D)