Excerpts, 1848 &1993 by Serenus
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Author's Notes:
It was really supposed to be an epigraph to a story, but the story is unlikely to be ever written; and Kitty is a random person.

Thorns were sharp and roots were gritty,
Bright the flower shone.
'Do ye not believe me, Kitty?
I am yours alone.'

'Yet for all your love unseeming,
Ever and anon,
Ye will bury many women,
Ye will marry none.'

(1848, W. Enid Lake)

Selfish Time, defenceless Pity,
Lichen-painted stone.
'Did ye not believe me, Kitty?
I was yours alone.'

'Yet beside the Gate redeeming,
Ever and anon,
Prays a multitude of women
For the sake of one.'

'That your destiny unerring
Be at last undone -
Take our blessing... go and marry...
But from hence - be gone!'

(1993, ? - possibly W. Adam Pierson.)