Methos' Secrets by mckplk
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Author's Notes:
Just saying it again I don't own them (except Diana of course.) I am making no money from these stories but they are fun to play with.

Methos’ secrets

“Why are you having such a hard time with me accepting Methos as he is?” Diana asked Duncan. She was getting agitated with the Scott.
“Did he tell you everything?” He asked thinking to himself (Why is she so calm and accepting about this. She should feel hurt or betrayed) about that time Methos came walking in. He went straight over to Diana and kissed her on the cheek as his arms went around her waist.
“Ask him yourself.” Diana replied as she leaned into the embrace.
“Did you tell her all of it?” Duncan watched as Methos answered looking for any sign he might be lying.
“I told her everything in gory detail. More than I ever told you and she listened than she kissed me, smiled, and said so what am I supposed to forgive you for?”
Duncan looked at the couple dumbfounded “He told you about the killing, raping and pillaging for a thousand years. About the amount of people he killed and you simply what decided it must be a fairy tale?”
“No that’s not what I meant. Listen carefully Duncan because I’m only going to argue my point once. Now sit!” Diana stated patiently as Duncan took a seat in the chair. She smiled and shook her head he was actually sulking.
“Alright lets here it.” Duncan grumbled He could see Methos as he sprawled into the couch pulling Diana down in front of him. He was trying to suppress a smirk.
“As he told you it was a different time a different mindset. When he told you Cassandra was nothing he was right back then animals and crops were worth more than her life. She was nothing more than something to help her family advance in the tribe. She really was nothing, simply property.” Diana stated
“But it’s wrong.” Duncan argued
“Not according to society back then it wasn’t. A husband or slave owner had the right to do anything they wanted to their property. Although he might have taken it a little further than most. From where I stand he did nothing wrong for the times. Cassandra however disobeyed him and escaped. Kronos made sure Methos paid for it dearly. For that if she ever comes back she had better hope she does not cross my path because I will do what neither of you are willing to, her head will be mine!” The hatred for the other woman was evident in Diana’s voice and eyes. Duncan and Methos were both very surprised and a little unnerved by it.
“You really believe he did nothing wrong?” Duncan almost whispered
“I didn’t say that, but Duncan how many English did you kill in the name of Scottish pride? How many Immortals have died at your hand simply because you thought they needed to be stopped? How many people did you hurt during your dark quickening?” Diana asked her voice was even and cool.
“I don’t know but I have never killed women and children!” he replied hotly
“No you haven’t but I would bet that Joe has are you willing to destroy your friendship with him if he tells you what he did in Nam? And what of Darius I never met the man but he was not always a priest. From what I have read from his chronicles and the diaries he gave Methos he was in many ways worse than the Horsemen if he had told you everything he had done would you have turned your back on him?” Diana asked Methos was very impressed and decided arguing with her would always be interesting
“I would never...” Duncan started but Diana raised her hand
“Did Methos tell you about what he went through at Kronos’ hand? How he became his brother?” She asked gently
“I never gave him the chance.” Duncan bowed his head in defeat “Alright I see your point. Methos I owe you an apology.” Duncan looked over at Methos.
“Apology accepted but the subject is closed. I try very hard not to think about those times and I will not go willingly down memory lane again.” Methos told them.
Feeling the need to get out now that the problem was settled Diana got to her feet “Now that that’s all settled I think we should go get lunch. My treat.” Diana was smiling as she extended a hand to Methos to help him off the couch.
“I’m always willing when someone else is paying.” Methos joked and pulled her into a hug
“Thank You. He whispered and kissed her softly across the lips
“Always “She whispered back and stepped away. “And besides I’m using the credit card you gave me.” She tossed over her shoulder as she went and stood in front of Duncan “There will be no brooding today so come on, it a beautiful day and I think food and a long walk in the park is just the thing.” Diana held her hand out and Duncan looked at it for a moment then smiled and took it he raised and pulled her into a bear hug “What did we ever do before you?”
“Acted like children and sulked.” She joked as she hugged him back “Now come on I am starved.”
Diana finished they all grabbed their coats and went to enjoy the day.

Joe was sitting on the couch with his laptop catching up on filing some reports. “Good Trish hasn’t landed yet.”
“Well of course not I left her in Greece. She should have a very nice tan and you can tell her she’s welcome because I paid for the extra week in the hotel.” Amanda stated smugly.
Joe chuckled “I’ll relay the message. Of course you know that if you keep spoiling her you’ll never get rid of her.”
“That’s the point I like her and I do need a new assistant. Lucy needs to relax she’s not getting any younger. Besides I’m sure you would love to have a way to find me at any time you would like.” She stated with a knowing smile.
Richie sat up “Uh guys we’ve got company coming.” He said
Amanda looked at Richie like he was crazy then the rush of presence washed over her.
A moment later the door opened “S-tua” Methos said as he walked in.
Diana was laughing at Duncan’s quizzical look. “It means ‘thank you’” She explained
“Very good.” Methos encouraged “Now what is this one? Agad bhell moanam.”
“Now you’re just being sappy.” Diana laughed
“Hey some of us don’t speak ancient dead languages. What did you say?” Joe asked as he relaxed back into the couch.
“Yeah, I didn’t think the old man did sap… sarcasm now that’s something he has down pat.” Richie joked
“I’ll have you know Methos can do sap, romance and chivalry with the best of them.” Diana defended
Duncan started laughing uncontrollably. Methos watched him with an amused smirk on his lips.
“What’s so funny?” Diana asked confused
“Oh he was born long before the age of chivalry.” Richie piped up snickering himself.
“Are you all done now?” Methos asked “Because we need to plan our trip back to Paris.”
“Sure just as soon as you tell us what you said.” Joe replied as he started to pull up the travel site on his computer.
“He said you are my life.” Duncan stated smugly.
“Ah I guess you would know Gaelic. What with you being a big Scottish barbarian and all.” Methos said
“Alright everyone better behave or else I’m booking you all in coach while Diana and I enjoy first class.” Joe warned
“Hey I didn’t do anything!” Methos playfully complained.
Yea but I don’ feel like listening to you gloat.” Joe shot back.
Everyone laughed and then started getting ready for the trip to Paris.