And the search begins by mckplk
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Author's Notes:
Not mine I don't own them:) Please let me know what you think so far. Not quiet done yet but working on it.

And the search begins

Methos was sitting in the booth at Joe’s eating a Ruben sandwich, chips, and a Guinness beer wash it all down. He had notebooks stacked everywhere checking and rechecking the translations and research that he Diana and ReShef had been working on for the last three months. He was so deep in thought that Diana startled him when she sled into the booth next to him.

“Hey you, skittish today?” Diana asked and kissed his check.

“Apparently I’m to content here. I didn’t see you come in.” He answered as he started putting notebooks away.

“Don’t stop on my account.” She said and lifted her backpack for him to see. “I have work to do as well. Besides we need to be as sure as possible about everything. If your instincts are screaming something’s not right then follow it.” Diana said as she started unloading her own papers and notebooks onto the empty part of the table.

“You know they have these nifty things called libraries for stuff like this.” Joe joked as he pulled a chair over to sit in

“Yes but they don’t have beer and food.” Methos replied with a smirk. “Besides I thought the owners had special privileges.”

“They do but I thought you wanted to be a silent partner.” Joe replied smoothly.

“He has you there. So how about friends of the owner?” Diana ventured as Methos gave her a pained look.

“Friends of the owner… hmm I guess its as good a reason as any I suppose.” Joe joked “So what can I get you Honey Girl?”

“I’ll have what he’s having.” Diana answered as she finished pulling out papers from her backpack.

“Coming right up.” Joe said as he got up and headed toward the kitchen.

Over the next three hours Methos and Diana worked quietly although there was the brush of a hand here or a glance there. Joe watched the unconscious interplay between the love birds. Then Methos’ head snapped up and he got that “We have company look.” on his face as he watched the door. Duncan, Amanda, and ReShef came in. Joe noted the way Diana’s hand was in her backpack and Methos’ hand was on her arm ready to move her out of harms way. Joe was impressed with how well Diana had adjusted to being part of the immortal world.

Duncan and the others walked over to the table and stopped taking in the chaos. “So how is it going? ReShef seems to think we are ready to go.” Amanda asked

“I’m just being my normal paranoid self. I’m hung up on one line the translation is perfect I just am not sure of its true meaning. As far as I can tell it won’t hinder us in the next stage of our quest.” Methos responded

“Excellent so when do we leave for Paris?” Amanda asked excited about acquiring her part of the treasure hunt.

“Ya’ll can leave as soon as your ready but I’m going to be a few days behind you. I have some school work that can’t be put off and an exam to administer for the end of the semester.” Diana answered obviously unhappy at the prospect of being left behind.

“Don’t worry sweetie Duncan will keep Adam out of trouble. Tell you what we will fly over together and compare notes on the boys. You know do some real girl bonding.” Amanda offered obviously enjoying the way Methos and Duncan were squirming.

Diana perked up at the idea. “That could be fun. There should be plenty of time to compare notes. For instance did you know if Adam gets stuck on a translation he cooks. He got stuck on a Greek translation a few months back . I still have soup, some sort of lamb and lost of baklava in my freezer. Granted I don’t mind he’s an excellent cook but watching him as he grumbles around the kitchen slicing and dicing at the speed of light is rather amusing. Of course when he comes home after a lecture on….” Diana couldn’t finish because Methos put his hand over her mouth.

“Oh that’s alright when Duncan gets…” Amanda found a hand over her mouth as well.

“Tell you what the two of you are going to get together and talk one way or another so if you’ll just do it when nobody is around we know including ourselves we’ll make it well worth your while when you arrive in Paris.” Methos offered with humor sparkling in his eyes.

Mmmmh mumm humm.” Diana tried

“What was that?” Methos asked as he pulled his hand away.

“I said you have yourself a deal.” Diana said and kissed him playfully. “Now lets enjoy the evening because when we get home you’ll have to pack.”


The next morning Methos woke to Diana laying in his arms with her head on his chest sound asleep. He loved mornings like this when he could just hold her and forget the world outside existed. He ran his fingers through her hair. Methos smiled when Diana snuggled closer to him mumbling in her sleep.

He laid there thinking about last night after they had gotten home. Diana had packed his suitcase because she had decided that he couldn’t do to her satisfaction. When she closed the suitcase Methos gathered her into his arms and they spent the rest of the night making love neither of them wanting to think about the morning when for the first time since they met they would be apart.

“Hey, why the long face?” Diana asked sleepily. She went to sit up but Methos tightened his arms around her keeping Diana against him. “Methos?” He could hear the concern in her voice.
Methos smiled slightly and kissed the top of her head. “Have I ever told you how much I enjoy hearing you say my name?” He asked

Diana placed a few light kisses on his bare chest then looked up into his hazel eyes. She seen love and affection but there was also sorrow. “No, but you could tell me now.” She answered and settled her head back down on his chest