House Stakes by Rhi
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Author's Notes:
Written for a Halloween treat and for Crossovers100, prompt #47, heart.
Crossover with Magnificent 7.

"It is a pleasure, I must say, to see so lovely a lady running such a fine establishment as the Double Eagle," Ezra drawled. He bowed deeply over the extended hand, kissing it lightly, and amused that for once the courtesy was far from empty. The lady was exquisite, in form, fashion, and finesse with cards. He was very much looking to crossing swords with her, as it were, over a card table.
Amanda Montrose swayed downward into a curtsy that displayed her ample charms in such a bodice and smiled at him, her eyes wickedly knowing. "Mr. Standish. I've heard so much about you. Do come in."
If she murmured something about 'into my parlor,' well, it only made Ezra glad he'd worn his best vest. And his derringer up his sleeve.