In love and war... by Holde_Maid
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Author's Notes:
as usual, not my characters, not my world, no offence, no money made

Anne opened the fly-door and let him in. Little Mary was sleeping in her crib. She sighed as he stepped in, but she didn't wake. Good. That meant he had Anne to himself for a while.

"You asked me to come?" He didn't disguise the hopeful tone. There was no need.

Anne's face lit up. "Yeah, I've thought up another, simpler way of testing your blood. The idea is to inject a virus directly into the sample and see what happens before it disintegrates. To put it simply, ..."

"I got the gist of it," he interrupted her with a chuckle.

"Uh, sorry." She was quick on the uptake, indeed. "Would you... ?"

He rolled up his sleeve and answered as casually as he could, "Certainly, my love."

"Thanks, that's... Beg your pardon?"

He extracted the syringe from her fingers and took the blood sample himself. "I’ve fallen in love with you." He pulled out the needle, cleaned it with alcohol and handed it to a somewhat perplexed doctor. "Any chance of your ever returning the feeling?"

"But ... you're like Duncan. I can't let... I can’t fall in love with an Immortal. You've got to understand..."

Methos didn't shout, but he raised his voice enough to be sure he'd catch her attention. "Anne."

She looked up at him, her face a question-mark.

"I'm not Duncan. If you say you can't fall in love with me, that's all very well, but I won't take your word for it. You'll have to prove it. I, on the other hand, will try and prove that Immortals are not all that unbearable."

"You're not unbearable at all, it's just that I can't..." Ha, she was out of words again. Now he merely needed to press his advantage home!

"Please. Be fair. At least let me try to convince you. It might help that I don't generally take on every evildoer and their uncle. It might not be helpful that I'm sort of a pet target for some people. No matter. Well see how it goes." He smiled at her brightly.

"Listen, Adam, there's no point. You can't change my mind." Ugh, it was a shame how stubborn those young people could be!

Time to get serious. "It doesn't matter whether I can or no. I'm going to try, and you can't stop me from trying, because it's bloody well worth it. Can we agree on that?"

"That's very flattering, but ..."

"Anne, are you listening? I'm not Duncan. You can't push me around like that. You can't lie to me. I don't accept that kind of thing just because I love you. Be honest: You want to be wooed. So, give me a chance to seduce you despite your doubts."

"You're ..."

"A fool, I know. That's my look-out." Hmm, looked like his casual treatment of possible heart-break was taking effect.
Anne was smiling shyly at the floor. "So, if I’m not unbearable," Methos therefore continued, "then do bear with me and put your prejudices to the test. Go on a date or two with me."

It was unfair, of course. But then, so was her position. It was always unfair. In love and war...

She lifted her head to look him square in the eye. "Look, I..."

"You need time?"

She nodded, amused by his impatience.

"No problem. That's one of the advantages of being Immortal. We have time in abundance, judging from your point of view. Just let me know when you're ready." He did intend to win this. However, the moment called for a distraction. "Now, the virus? And while we're at it, what type of virus is it?"

"Oh, just the normal influenza shot. I want to watch what it actually does to the blood sample under the microscope."

For the first time tonight, he gave the idea some thought. "I see where you're coming from, but I wouldn't expect that research design to get you very far. It's not like we can't contract sickness. It's over faster, perhaps, but I'm not sure if that isn't just because ..." He stopped himself and chuckled, shaking his head. "Never mind."

Anne frowned at him. "What's so funny?" She was cute when she was suspicious.

He grinned. "If you waste the sample without result, you'll have to keep me around to get another."

She rolled her eyes, but replied with a smile, "I'll risk it."