Kata (drabble) by Holde_Maid
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Author's Notes:
This is part of a series in which Methos and Anne become a couple. (Don't ask how that happened - i have no idea.)

"Oh, it's you." Anne sounded relieved and looked dog-tired. Little wonder. "What are you doing there?"
"I'm preparing Duncan's birthday gift," Methos answered truthfully.
"What birthday gift? And why at ..." — she consulted the kitchen clock — "... 4 am?"
"I often get up this early to train. I'm creating a kata for him."
Her expression turned a question mark.
"Surely you've seen him do martial arts without a training partner?"
"Oh, like when he trains to meditate?"
"Exactly. I'm putting moves together for him to use."
"This is new, and unique. And it gives away one of my ... tricks."