Homecoming by Killa
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Author's Notes:
This was written for a LiveJournal fic meme, despite the fact I said I'd never write one of these.

He comes to her at last, when all the rest have fallen and she's made her peace. It's not his fault. Joe believed that, and it's good enough for her. She wasn't there when Methos died, but she's seen what an ancient Quickening looks like, and no one could have expected Duncan to withstand so many of them -- first Caspian, then Kronos and Silas, then Cassandra and Methos moments after. If it's anyone's fault, it's Cassandra's. She's the one who tried to take Methos's head while he was down, and forced Duncan to kill her when he was still shaken from the first two. She's the one whose madness poisoned him and drove him to kill Methos while he was still in the grip of her Quickening.

Joe said he probably never knew what he'd done, that if there was mercy in the world, madness must have taken him so completely that he never had to bear the grief of realizing what he'd become. But Amanda knew Duncan MacLeod as well as anyone, and she wishes she could believe that.

She senses him now, a dull throb of Presence that feels like the very air wants to crush her. He might be a mile from here. Joe said Connor bled from the nose from the force of Duncan's aura before their swords ever met.

One by one, all of them -- friends and enemies alike. Richie. Connor. Amanda's the last, and despite everything, she takes pale comfort in the fact that some part of him must have still loved her.

She doesn't expect it to save her.