Adam's Universe: Methos and Joe -- A Conversation by ReneeMR
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"I'm just sayin', it looks, you know..."

"Come on, Joe, you've known me how long?"

"Uh, well, since you came to Paris."

"Right. And..."

"What the hell are you gettin' at, Adam?"


"Who Jillian?"

"Jillian O'Hara. Watcher? Here in Paris? We hooked up for a while."

"Yeah? Oh. Hooked up?"

"Come on, Joe, buy a clue. Okay, try this one. Alexa."

"All right. Yeah? What about her? She was a nice kid."

"Exactly, Joe!"

"Damn, Me--Adam, what does this have to do with Mac?!

"Okay, Joe, calm down. Look, what do Jilly, Alexa, Grace Chandel, Rebecca, even bloody Cassandra all have in common?"

"Grace and Rebecca? You mean...Oh, man, we were pretty sure you and Rebecca...Grace? When?"

"Focus, focus Joe."

"Would you just please spit it out?! You're givin' me a headache!"

"Fine. Fine. They're women, Joe. Nice, soft, curvy, small women."

"So. Um. What you're sayin'..."

"Duncan MacLeod is not my type."


Originally posted 6-27-09

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