Grey by Holde_Maid
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Author's Notes:
As per usual, Methos is not my toy, I'm just borrowing him from the owners of the Highlander Universe and characters. I will give him back clean and unharmed when done - in this case after exactly 100 words.

Also, I'm not making any money off this and I don't mean harm or anything.

He'd been reading so long that now the letters were swimming in front of his eyes, incoherent, mere shades of grey.

Shades of grey.

Grey - a sign of aging. And Methos was VERY old.
Yes, that was his colour: Grey.

Grey - neither light nor dark but in between.

Grey, not silver. There was nothing finely chiselled about him - he was rough on the inside, if polished on the outside.

Grey — tired, mousey, melting into the background easily.
Until someone crossed his path and lit up his life, thus turning the shades into unbearable darkness by comparison.