Bloody Enigma by Holde_Maid
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Author's Notes:
Thanks to Cat for assistance in polishing the lingo and spotting errors and things!

A plaintive shout rent the early morning peace and woke Duncan.

"WILL you shut up?! Shut UP, I say!" When Methos saw the questioning look on Duncan's face, he explained, "The bloody birds woke me. If you're ever reborn a bird, remember not to have your early morning chat next to my bed, or you'll find I'm not a morning person in any incarnation."
He lay back in his sleeping bag, probably giving up as the chirping hadn't diminished in the least. He stared up at the roof of their tent and sighed.

Duncan's mind was on other things, however: "If I'm ever reborn? What do you mean?"

"MacLeod, you've been in India; actually you were all over Asia for a while. Surely you must have heard of the idea of reincarnation?" The light baritone voice uttered every syllable with the exaggerated patience reserved for the very slow-witted. Damn him, he always knew how to put a well-aimed sting into the most innocent of words. "You know what I mean."

"You believe." Ugh, now he'd created another opening for Methos to make fun of him! But no quip came, so Duncan quickly took his chance to amend, "So you do believe in something."

Methos gave Duncan a serene look. "We're ALL gonna die. None of us will be Immortal forever -- well, except maybe one, but even that is no certainty. So I'd like to believe we will all be reborn." He smirked and started crawling out of the tent. "Well, maybe except you." With that, Methos was gone.

Duncan was left to guess whether that parting shot had been intended as a very flattering or a very rude remark.

Bloody enigma.