The Kiss by Holde_Maid
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Author's Notes:
Here's another for the Angels and Devils' Kissing Challenge. Not as good as the first one, I'll admit. :-)
Thanks go to Marys_Scribbles, for beta duty!

He had called it "The Kiss". Why? Dastardly idea, calling it that. A boat, for goodness' sake! Why would anyone call a boat "The Kiss", and why would they tell one in that insinuating tone?

Duncan paced to and fro in the barge. Methos had just passed him on one of those tourist boats. Apparently he'd just bought it, and had christened it "The Kiss". And he had winked while uttering the name. Not a good sign. No, not a good sign at all. Duncan kept pacing until he felt an Immortal's presence. "Come on in and say it!" he shouted. "Get it out of your system!"

"What are you talking about?" Amanda looked at him in amusement.

"Oh, ah... I thought it was ... you know ..." She didn't know, did she? "Adam. Pierson. You know him from Seacouver?"

"Well, I met him there. Again." She let her best Marlene-Dietrich-smile say the rest. Ah. Oh, golly, it would take a good few Glenmorangies to get that image out of his head. Ugh. Thanks, Amanda. And what do you want him to get out of his system?"

"Don't know. Some joke or something. He's been grinning like an ass on a hemp field for days."

Amanda laughed at his indignation. She would. "And that's why you suspect he's going to make some joke? You do know that's just a leeeetle beet" - oh, he loved it when she pulled out that cute French accent! - "self-centered? And paranoid? And..."

In his desperation he pretended jealousy to get her off track: "Just how well do you know him, Amanda?"

She looked at him like a disappointed mother. Ouch. "It's a present, Duncan. The boat is yours. From me and Methos both. It's... Joe let slip you still celebrate this anniversary." The anniversary of his first kiss with Tessa. On a tourist boat. Ow. "And Methos said he'd always wanted to give you a kiss, just to see your look." She giggled.

He kissed her passionately. "You mean that sort?" he breathed, then chuckled, "Let him try."