"I Always Keep My Name" by Leslie Fish
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Author's Notes:
Standard fanfic disclaimer. This was written in answer to Shomeret's "Wee Bit of Scotland" challenge on Holy Ground Forum.

by Leslie Fish

"I am Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod."
I always keep that name.
Connor, with his dozen names,
Shakes his head and worries.
"MacLeod's a common name," I say.
"Look in any phonebook."

Mortals never yet have caught it -
Save, of course, the Watchers.
As for Immortals, let them guess.
Though I've never gone headhunting
(Connor does, though not too often),
I can hold my own if any
Come to play the Game with me.

No, I always keep my name.
It's my little bit of Scotland
That I'll always carry with me.
In the shifting stream of time -
Always changing, ever-flowing -
I need something of an anchor.

Remember the Dark Quickening,
And Sean Burns' last words to me.
What's a personality,
A soul without a core?

Let the world, the people in it,
Change beyond all recognition;
I can change the superficials,
Bend and blend with changing fashions
As I must to live.

But I keep within me, always,
Memory of rolling mountains,
Scent of heather, sound of bagpipes,
Wordless sense of place and pattern -
And they'll keep me, through the ages.
I will always keep my name.