"Wee Black Dove" by Leslie Fish
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Author's Notes:
This was a reply to a Mother's Day Midweek Fanfiction Challenge at Holyground Forum.

by Leslie Fish

My wee black dove, my lovely child,
I'll have thy father's arse for this!

What ailed Iain to freeze hits wits?
He might have thought before he howled.
He might have recalled the ancient tale
Of the Faery Banner of the MacLeods.
He might have called thee Faery Blessed,
Or even so little as Faery Chi8ld,
And saved thee home again for me,
But oh, not he!

My beautiful lad, thy father's a fool:
So quick to howl thou'rt not his son.
Do men think children are naught but seed?
Did I complain thou wert not of my body?
Nay! Thou'rt eternally my child!

What care I if the Faeries brought thee?
Thou wert my gift, and mine to raise:
I who nursed thee at my breast,
I who taught thee love and justice,
I who showed thee sense and courage.
Thy soul bears my stamp forever,
And that weighs more than blood.

Men can be such childish fools!
What care I if thou'rt of Elf Blood?
I know well thou'rt no one's devil,
I who've seen thy heart for decades,
I who know thy strength and kindness.
Go, and be a prince of Faery.
I rejoice thou'lt live forever!

Go thy way, then, with my blessing,
My wee black dove, my dark-eyed babe.
If thy father will not have thee,
I'll retain thee, with whole heart.
Go and tell the world hereafter,
Each time someone asks thy name:
Thou'rt MacLeod, of the Clan MacLeod,
Dhonnchaidh, son of Mhairi.

Go in love, remembering me,
As I shall love thee all my life.
Go my dear, and love attend thee -
While I go home to beat my husband.
Iain, thou shalt bleed!