Highlander: The Series - Timeline

Author's Notes

  • This timeline is designed to provide some context -- specifically, temporal context -- to the events during Highlander: The Series.
  • What this isn't: a list of every single event that happened in the series. Nor does it provide detailed summaries of each episode -- those are readily available elsewhere. The timeline (hopefully) gives enough information to remind us of the major events of the episodes and novels but not much more.It's also not a Chronicle for Duncan. It starts with The Gathering and ends with Not to Be. Click here for more on Duncan's pre-series chronology.
  • My sources: the timeline is derived from information taken from a variety of official sources, including videotapes, calendars, the new Watcher CD, and novels. (This means I haven't made stuff up.)
  • The timeline and the footnotes contain SPOILERS for the series, the novels, and the Watcher CD. Proceed at your own risk!!

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How to read the timeline:

  • If an event doesn't have a date, it's because one couldn't be located using any of those sources.
  • A ? indicates an approximate date, which was (hopefully) logically extrapolated based on the time elapsed between that event and another event.
  • An episode in [brackets] indicates an event outside the episode sequence in which the episodes were aired.
  • Any inconsistencies or weird things are noted in the footnotes.
Date Event Episode
8/26/92 Slan Qunice killed by Duncan. The Gathering

Richie moves into antique store.

Richie meets his "dad" Joe Scanlon. Family Tree

Duncan encounters Kiem Sun. The Road
Not Taken
9/18/92 Lucas Desiree killed by Howard Crowley just before Duncan and Tessa arrive at his cabin. Innocent Man
9/21/92 Howard Crowley killed by Duncan; Leo Atkins freed. Innocent Man
10/20/92 Claude Deverex killed by Felicia Martins. Free Fall
10/26/92 Tessa and Richie taken hostage at courthouse; Brian Slade and his men killed by Duncan. Bad Day in
Building A
11/2/92 Tessa rescued from Caleb Cole when Duncan takes his head; Tessa witnesses (her first?) Quickening. Mountain Men
12/5/921 Dr. Paul Wilder killed after attempting to kill Randi McFarland. Deadly Medicine
12/5/921 Alexi Voshin killed by Duncan. The Sea Witch

Serial killer "The Scalper" apprehended. See No Evil
1/14/93 Andrew Ballin killed by Duncan. Eyewitness
2/14/93 Grayson killed by Duncan. Band of Brothers

Duncan reunites with Tessa and Richie in Paris. Band of Brothers
2/17/93 Kuyler killed by Duncan. For Evil's Sake

Xavier St. Cloud appears in Paris, loses his hand to Duncan in fight. For Tomorrow
We Die

Duncan helps Ursa. The Beast Below
3/12/93 Carlo Sendaro killed by Duncan.
[In this episode LeBrun refers to Darius' church as "St. Joseph's Chapel."]
Saving Grace
3/93 (?) Duncan visits New York at Connor's request; Rachel is killed in an explosion.16 Endgame
4/22/93 Zachary Blaine killed by Duncan. The Lady and
the Tiger
5/1/93 Gabriel Piton killed by Duncan. Eye of the
5/8/93 Delusional new immortal Alfred Cahill killed by Duncan (in a Knights Templar museum! Not on Holy Ground!) Avenging Angel
5/13/93 Duncan encounters Everett Belliam at the Rothwood estate; Alan Rothwood killed. Nowhere to Run
5/22/93 Fitz's friend Damian Thackary killed by Horton. (offstage) The Hunters
5/30/93 Darius killed by Horton; Duncan and Fitz investigate. The Hunters
10/2/93(?)2 Joe Dawson and Duncan MacLeod meet in Seacouver. Horton kills his prospective son-in-law Robert Tucker. Duncan and Horton fight; Horton believed dead. The Watchers
10/10/93 Duncan spares the life of Gregor Powers; photographer Linda Plager dies in Seacouver after Duncan reveals their former relationship to her. Studies in Light

Duncan and Richie visit the dojo, meet Charlie DeSalvo. Turnabout
10/13/93 Michael Moore/Quentin Barnes killed by Duncan. Turnabout
10/23/93 In a random mugging, Tessa Noel is killed and Richie Ryan becomes Immortal. The Darkness

Duncan buys the dojo.3

Annie Devlin attempts to kill a British official; reunites with Duncan. Richie begins training. Eye for an Eye

Duncan encounters Joe Dawson again, thwarts Canaan's plans to take over The Zone. The Zone

Amanda visits Seacouver, causes trouble. The Return
of Amanda

Jimmy Sang makes a movie, helps send tong boss to jail. Revenge of
the Sword

Duncan encounters Carl Robinson. Run for Your Life
1/21/94 Xavier St. Cloud kills Anton Legris in Paris. [Unholy Alliance I]
1/22/94 Gallen killed by Duncan. Epitath for Tommy
1/31/94 Tommy Sullivan killed by Duncan. The Fighter
2/7/94 Xavier St. Cloud kills Jason Talbott in New York. [Unholy Alliance I]
2/10/94 Richie takes his first head, leaves Seacouver. Under Color
of Authority

Duncan and Charlie go camping, try to help Sara Lightfoot. Bless the Child

Xavier arrives in Seacouver, attempts to kill Duncan; Charlie shot after following Duncan; Duncan suspects Joe, meets Renee Delaney, leaves for Paris. Unholy Alliance I

Duncan arrives in Paris, meets Maurice Lalonde. Unholy Alliance II
2/22/94 Xavier St. Cloud killed by Duncan; Dawson "kills" Horton. Unholy Alliance II
2/28/94 Nicholas Ward killed by Duncan. The Vampire
3/22/94 Drakov killed by Duncan. Warmonger
4/23/94 Rebecca Horne killed by Luther. [Legacy]
4/25/94 Nefertiri killed by Duncan. Pharoah's Daughter

Amanda arrives, tells Duncan about Rebecca. Legacy
5/8/94 Luther killed by Duncan. Legacy

Richie arrives, pursued by Hyde. Prodigal Son
5/15/94 Hyde killed by Duncan Prodigal Son

Lisa Halle has surgery, seduces Duncan Counterfeit I
5/30/94 Lisa Halle killed by Horton; Horton really killed by Duncan; Richie and Duncan leave Paris. Counterfeit II

Duncan and Richie travel (?)
9/27/94 (?) Duncan returns to Seacouver. The Samurai
9/30/94 Michael Kent killed by Duncan in Japan. The Samurai
10/4/94 Kern killed by Duncan. Line of Fire
10/10/94 (?) Duncan meets Anne Lindsey
Charlie and Mara meet
The Revolutionary
10/13/94 Paul Karros killed by Duncan. The Revolutionary

Joe falls in love with Lauren Gale, who is murdered by Durgan; Amanda arrives in Seacouver. The Cross
of St. Antoine
10/20/94 Durgan killed by Duncan. The Cross
of St. Antoine
10/24/94 Michelle Webster "dies" first death. Rite of Passage
10/30/94 Axel Whittaker killed by Duncan. Rite of Passage

Duncan and Anne begin dating. Courage
11/2/94 Brian Cullen killed by Duncan. Courage
11/4/94 (?)4 Duncan and Richie see the Dalai Lama speak. The Path

Kenny found by Duncan and Richie. The Lamb
11/7/94 Dallman Ross killed by Kenny; Kenny rides a fast schoolbus out of town; Anne and Duncan deepen their relationship. The Lamb

David Keogh turns up; his "fiancée" dies accidentally. Obsession
11/21/94 Garrick killed by Duncan. Shadows

Anne breaks up with Duncan Shadows
11/30/94 Duncan kills Peter Matlin in fight taped by Robert Waverly. Blackmail
12/8/94 Lyman Kurlow killed by Duncan. Blackmail

Benny shows up; Anne and Duncan reunite. Vendetta
2/8/95 May-Ling Shen killed in Hong Kong by Michael Christian. They Also Serve

Ian Bancroft killed by Rita Luce. They Also Serve
2/11/95 Jackson Trent killed by Michael Christian. They Also Serve
2/12/95 Michael Christian killed by Duncan. They Also serve

John Kirin (aka Kage) "dies" and revives in Anne Lindsey's emergency room. Blind Faith
2/20/95 Brother Paul killed by Kalas, beginning his campaign of revenge against those who banished him from the monastery. Song of the

Duncan "dies" in front of Anne after fight with Kalas, leaves Seacouver for Paris. Song of the
2/27/95 Fitz killed by Kalas. Star-Crossed
3/6/95 Duncan meets Methos, who offers him his head; Methos disappears. Methos

Duncan meets Ceirdwyn, who is seeking revenge for her husband's murder; Richie "dies" on the racetrack; Ceirdwyn persuades Duncan to call Anne. Take Back the
4/8/95 (?) Anne arrives in Paris, assists mortal drug courier Tasha. Testimony
4/12/95 Kristov killed by Richie. Testimony

Richie leaves Paris. Testimony

Anne tells Duncan she's pregnant.6 Mortal Sins
5/5/95 Daimler kills Georges Dalou. Mortal Sins
5/14/95 Duncan kills Daimler after Daimler kills Father Bernard. Mortal Sins
5/15/95 (?) Anne leaves Duncan. Mortal Sins
5/20/95 Lucas Kagan killed by Duncan after he kills Maurice's niece Simone Reasonable Doubt

Amanda breaks Kalas out of jail. Finale I

Methos and Joe turn up at Duncan's barge. Finale I
5/29/95 Editor Jeremy Clancy and Christine Salzer killed by Kalas. Finale I

Jacques Vernas killed by Kalas. Finale II
6/3/95 Kalas killed by Duncan. Finale II
8/18/95 Kanwulf killed by Duncan in Glenfinnan, Scotland. Homeland
8/21/95 Charlie DeSalvo killed by Andrew Cord; Cord killed by Duncan; Joe and Duncan quarrel. Brothers in Arms
8/26/95 Tyler King killed by Duncan; Mikey Bellow killed by Richie. The Innocent

Duncan buys a house. Leader of the Pack
9/5/95 Peter Kanis killed by Duncan. Leader of the Pack

Amanda and Kit O’Brady arrive in Seacouver. Double Eagle

Kenny returns, reunites with Amanda. Reunion
9/15/95 Kincaid killed by Duncan; Kenny disappears. Reunion
9/18/95 Simon Killian killed by Duncan after freed from his "prison" by Amanda and Joe. The Colonel

Amanda leaves Seacouver, Joe and Duncan reconcile. The Colonel

Duncan receives messages from, eventually kills Machiavelli5 Measure of a Man
9/26/95 Paul Kinman killed by Duncan. Reluctant Heroes
10/4/95 Kamir killed by Duncan. The Wrath of Kali

Richie and Kristen meet; Methos arrives. Chivalry
10/23/95 Kristen killed by Methos. Chivalry

Claudia Jardin visits Seacouver, becomes Immortal; Methos meets Alexa. Timeless
11/3/95 Methos and Alexa leave Seacouver. Timeless
11/21/956 Mary Lindsey born. The Blitz
2/5/96 (?)7 Cynthia VanDervane killed by Duncan. Shadows of Obsession
2/10/96 Annie Devlin killed by Duncan. Scotland the Brave
2/23/96 Coltec arrives in Seacouver, kills Harry Kant, tries to kill Richie. Something Wicked
2/25/96 Coltec killed by Duncan, who takes the Dark Quickening; Duncan tries to kill Richie, saved by Joe. Something Wicked

Duncan leaves on a steamer. Something Wicked

Duncan arrives in LeHavre, France, seduces Dominique Davis, is found by Methos the next day. Deliverance
3/5/96 Sean Burns killed by Duncan. Deliverance

Duncan taken to holy spring by Methos, reunites with Rachel on his return to Paris; Methos leaves Paris to join Alexa in Athens. Deliverance

Duncan encounters Kassim, is unable to keep his 'promise;' Rachel returns to Scotland. Promises

Methos returns to Paris, searches for Methuselah Stone Methuselah’s Gift
3/23/96 Stone falls into the river; Daniel Stern and Nathan Geiger both killed; Methos returns to Alexa in Geneva. Methuselah’s Gift

Duncan and Amanda meet Danny Cimmoli. The Immortal
3/28/96 Damon Case killed by Duncan. The Immortal
4/2/968 Alexa learns about immortality in Athens.
4/5/96 Danny Cimmoli killed in Las Vegas. The Immortal

Duncan and Amanda go to Moscow. The Immortal

Duncan returns from Moscow.
4/12/969 Marcus Constantine killed by Avram Mordecai. Zealot
4/20/96 Andrew Donnelly killed by Warren Cochrane in Normandy.
4/28/9610 Alexa dies in Geneva.

Duncan meets Renee Delaney again. Double Jeopardy
4/28/9610 Morgan d’Estaing killed by Duncan. Double Jeopardy

Duncan meets Warren Cochrane, helps him get his memory back. Through a Glass,

Robert and Gina de Valicourt celebrate their 300th wedding anniversary, after a little help from Duncan and Methos. Till Death
5/7/96 David Shapiro sent into the field as a Watcher.

Watchers take Joe captive. Judgment Day

David Shapiro killed by Jacob Galati. Judgment Day

Watcher massacre blamed on Duncan. Judgment Day
6/5/96 Jacob Galati killed by Jack Shapiro; Duncan quarrels with Methos and Joe. One Minute to

Duncan returns to Seacouver to find Cassandra waiting for him. Prophecy
6/8/96 Roland Kantos killed by Duncan. Prophecy

Richie returns to Seacouver The End of
6/13/96 Carter Wellan killed by Richie. The End of

Duncan gives Richie Graham Ashe’s sword. The End of
6/16/96 Haresh Clay killed by Duncan. The End of

Joe quits and rejoins the Watchers. The End of

Duncan receives Hamza El Kahir’s sword.11 Scimitar
7/10/96 Corman killed by Carl Robinson. Manhunt

Joe reunites with, romances Betsy. Glory Days
7/26/96 Johnny K. killed by Duncan. Glory Days

Amanda returns to Seacouver. Dramatic License

Duncan and Amanda help reconcile Terence Coventry and Carolyn Marsh, talk about their relationship. Dramatic License

Cory Raines appears in Seacouver. Money No Object

Amanda leaves. Money No Object

Jennifer Hill arrives, tells Duncan her husband Alec is dead. Haunted
8/20/96 Duncan kills Kragen; Richie sleeps with Jennifer. Haunted

Duncan stops Jennifer from killing Richie; she leaves. Haunted

Derek Worth becomes Immortal. Little Tin God
9/12/96 Gavriel Larca killed by Duncan. Little Tin God

Duncan sends Derek to Carl Robinson; Reverend Bell recruited by Watchers. Little Tin God

Richie meets the Messenger. The Messenger

Methos returns to Seacouver, puts his boots on the kitchen counter, reveals his identity to Richie, buys new socks. The Messenger
9/20/96 Richie Ryan’s 22nd birthday; the Meseenger killed by William Everett Culbraith; Culbraith killed by Richie. The Messenger

Methos has no advice for Richie; Richie leaves Seacouver (for the last time.) The Messenger

Methos, Joe and Duncan go to a boxing match and encounter Ingrid Henning. The Valkyrie
9/25/96 Ingrid Henning killed by Duncan. The Valkyrie

Kronos arrives in Seacouver; Cassandra arrives in Seacouver.
10/31/96 Methos auditions for Wheel of History; Duncan spots "Koren," meets Cassandra in the loft. Comes a Horseman
11/1/96 Cassandra and Duncan visit Joe; Cassandra and Methos meet at the dojo; confrontation at power station, in front of Methos' apartment; Methos tells Kronos he knows where to find other horsemen. Comes a Horseman
11/2 to 11/5 Kronos and Methos travel to Ukraine Revelation 6:8
11/5 /96 Duncan leaves the dojo (for the last time) to go to Europe with Cassandra. Revelation 6:8
11/6-11/7 Kronos, Methos, Silas travel to Romania, find Caspian, go to Bordeaux. Revelation 6:8
11/6/96 Duncan and Cassandra find matchbook in asylum. Revelation 6:8
11/7/96 Duncan and Cassandra travel to Bordeaux. Revelation 6:8
11/8/96 Duncan and Methos meet at Elysium Church; Cassandra kidnapped by horsemen. Revelation 6:8
11/8/96 Caspian killed in Bordeaux, France by Duncan. Revelation 6:8
11/10/9612 Kronos and Silas are killed by Duncan and Methos, respectively, in Bordeaux. Revelation 6:8

Richie shows up in France, makes like James Bond, gets tied to bed, rescued by Duncan. Ransome of Richard Redstone

The Stone of Scone
3/17/97 Octavio Consone killed by Duncan. Duende

Amanda turns up in Paris; Duncan is challenged by Keane, talks to Methos again. Forgive Us Our Trespasses
4/20/97 Byron killed by Duncan. The Modern
5/16/97 Jason Landry encounters Duncan, dies. Archangel
5/19/97 Richie killed by Duncan. Archangel

Duncan disappears from Paris.

The loft and dojo are sold; Joe sells Seacouver club and relocates to Paris. [Watcher CD]
5/19/98 Duncan returns to Paris. Avatar
5/19/9813 Sophie Baines dies. Avatar

Duncan defeats Ahriman. Armageddon

Duncan encounters Alex Raven, helps Max Lenier to recover stolen money, gets rejected for dinner date. Sins of the Father
6/27/98 Willie Kingsley’s wife Molly killed by car driven by diplomat's son Steven Banner. Diplomatic Immunity
7/10/98 Milos Vladic killed by Kyra. Patient #7
8/4/98 Devon Marek killed by Duncan. Black Tower

Unusual Suspects

Duncan meets Katya. Justice

Duncan hangs around with Reagan Cole. Deadly Exposure
10/2/98 Katherine kills Bartholomew Two of Hearts

Duncan goes to London to see Claudia Jardine perform.
10/30/98 Methos kills Morgan Walker. Indiscretions
11/7/98 Amanda arrives, has a layover with Duncan; Amanda and Joe are kidnapped by Liam O’Rourke, Duncan is stopped from sacrificing himself by Methos, has a dream and kills O’Rourke.14 To Be/Not to Be
5/16/99 Duncan and Methos meet each other in New York, Methos kills Khyman.15 The Captive Soul
2003 (?) Duncan encounters Kate again, Connor MacLeod and Jacob Kell killed by Duncan.16 Endgame


1. The Watcher CD lists both of these events as happening the same day, although I think it's impossible.
2. The Watcher CD notes a letter of condolence on Robert's death this date, so the events of The Watchers took place within a few days before/after. I was surprised; I thought that The Hunters and The Watchers were pretty close in time.
3. This portion of the timeline is a big frustration! I for one would really like to know how much time elapsed between The Darkness and Eye for an Eye, but I can't find any event that might yield a date. This also begins the sequence of six episodes without a Quickening, and deaths of Immortals are the easiest events to trace to specific dates.
4. This date was extrapolated from a line in the book, which states that three weeks had passed since Charlie had left with Mara.
5. This one is simply my best guess. It's a plot point in the book that Duncan and Richie are going to meet in Amsterdam for Richie's birthday, which is September 20. Duncan is living in the loft so it's between season 2 and 5. Joe and Duncan are close already so that eliminates season 2 (which doesn't start until October.) It could be before season 3, but that doesn't mesh with the dates for The Samurai. The Messenger takes place on September 20 in season 5. So that leaves season 4, in the very short period between The Colonel and Reluctant Heroes.
6. In The Blitz, Anne tells the woman in the subway that she's "eight weeks" early. That means her doctor thinks she conceived in late April, which is too late -- Anne has to be in Paris before April 12, when Kristov loses his head to Richie at the end of Testimony. But she could have arrived just a few days earlier (as late as the 9th or 10th) and perhaps had the affair just shortly before that, at the beginning of April. So her doctor was a few weeks off, but still within the realm of possibility; she was more like five or six weeks early, which explains why Mary is neither small nor unhealthy, and able to go home shortly after she's born. This time frame also meshes with Anne learning of her pregnancy in early May, about a month after conception, during Mortal Sins.
7. I've hemmed and hawed about this one. It's got to be after November 1994 so Paulus will still be alive in The Path. It's before May 1997 because Duncan still owns the dojo/loft and Joe the Seacouver club. It was after he met Methos so now we're between March 1995 and May 1997. It was after Chivalry because there's a reference to Methos' opinion about Duncan's reluctance to kill women. So that leaves between October 1995 and May 1997. And he was in Sudan for two months. The only two month period is from late November 1995 to late January 1996. I can see Duncan going to help refugee children right after Mary's birth, can't you? Anyway, it's the only free two months in the running.
8. The Watcher CD says that Alexa learned of Immortality in Athens, even though Methos left her in Geneva, Switzerland in Methuselah's Gift and died there.
9. This is a YAHI, no doubt about it. The Watcher CD lists Marcus Constantine's death on this date, so the events in the present must have taken place within a week or so of that date. Yet Methos is in Paris in the book, hanging out with the guys and annoying Duncan, when he is supposed to be at Alexa's deathbed.
10. Another bit of season 4 weirdness. If Alexa and Morgan d'Estaing died the same day, then Double Jeopardy must have taken place before Through a Glass, Darkly since we see Alexa being buried at the beginning of that Episode.
11. Another best guess. The book says it's June. It's in Seacouver and Duncan and Joe are on good terms. In June 1994 Duncan and Richie were travelling after Counterfeit II. June 1995 was after Finale II and Duncan was presumably in Paris. By June 1997 he was on the Missing Immortals list. So June 1996, after End Of Innocence, seemed to be the best choice. Your mileage may vary.
12. Don't ask me why the Watcher CD lists Caspian's death as two days earlier. From watching the episode I'd have guessed that all of that took place the same night.
13. I didn't think that all of the events of Avatar took place on the same day. Doesn't Sophie say at some point that she died yesterday?
14. Without evidence to the contrary, I am going on the assumption that everything we saw in To Be and Not to Be took place in one very long night.
15. Another guess. The book says it's May 16 (and immediately before and after). I don't have any proof, but from the way Duncan and Methos are acting I think it's after the horsemen episodes. Otherwise...working backwards -- May 16, 1998 was just before Duncan's return to Paris. May 16, 1997 was the day Jason Landry keeled over and they were both in Paris. May 16, 1996 was the middle of the Watcher crisis. The only May 16 that Duncan and Methos could have been in New York since they met was 1995, which would have been after Finale II -- and it doesn't seem to me that they knew each other well enough then to interact as they did. So I am choosing May 1999.
16. My best shot at making the Endgame timeline somewhat consistent with the series is to move Rachel's death (and Connor's entry into the Sanctuary) to February or March of 1993. It has to be winter, as we learn that Connor disappeared "10 years to the day" when it's winter in the present, and it has to be when Duncan is in Paris, which he isn't until February. Under this theory, the events of Endgame take place in 2003.

Want more? Click here for Duncan's pre-series chronology.

Thanks to Janeen for her help with the Horsemen/Rev. information!