Duncan's Timeline

Date Location Description Episode Title Watcher CD Additions/Notes
1606 Glenfinnan, Scotland Thirteen-year old Duncan is lost in the woods overnight while he and his cousin are attempting to hunt a wolf. Duncan is unaware that the wolf is actually Cassandra, the witch of Donan Woods, who lured Duncan out of his village to protect him from Roland Kantos, an evil Immortal aware of the prophecy that Duncan will eventually destroy him. Prophecy
1618 Glenfinnan, Scotland Duncan's love for Debra Campbell leads to tragedy; Duncan kills his cousin Robert in a duel over Debra, and soon after Debra accidentally falls from a cliff, which is deemed a suicide by the church. Homeland
1622 Glenfinnan, Scotland Duncan "dies" from wounds received in a skirmish with the Clan Campbell, but is rejected and banished by his father after he miraculously revives. Family Tree
1624 Glenfinnan, Scotland Two years after being exiled from his clan, Duncan returns home upon learning that his father was mortally wounded in a raid by Kanwulf. He challenges Kanwulf and defeats him in battle, but does not behead him. Homeland
1625.1 Scotland Alone in the Highlands, Duncan meets a hermit who tells him of his imminent meeting with Connor and the great evil he will someday face before forcing Duncan to take his head and experience his first Quickening. Archangel Connor had been having strange dreams and suddenly changed plans to return to the Highlands. He meets Duncan immediately after the Quickening in the cave.
1625.2 Glen Fruin, Scotland Duncan meets Connor MacLeod on a battlefield. Endgame
1630 Scotland Martin Hyde hounds young Immortal Duncan MacLeod, trying to goad him into leading Hyde to his teacher, Connor. Prodigal Son
1631 Ravenna, Italy Duncan studies with Connor. Endgame
1632 Scotland Duncan faces and wins his first challenge in the Game, a British soldier. Scotland the Brave
1634.1 Scotland Duncan meets new Immortal Devon Marek, a nobleman who refuses to understand that his public "death" means that he must leave his mortal life. Black Tower Just prior, Connor had sent Duncan away to seek his own fortune.
1634.2 France Duncan rescues Ursa from persecution and leads him to safety on Holy Ground. The Beast Below
1635 Verona, Italy Duncan meets Amanda and her teacher Rebecca for the first time. Although Amanda tries to rob Duncan, the young Immortal isn't as naive as he seems. Legacy
1637 Verona, Italy Duncan meets Hugh Fitzcairn for the first time while Duncan is trying in vain to protect the "virtue" of the Doge's daughter, while Fitzcairn is determined to enjoy her favors. After Fitzcairn is "killed" to avenge the girl's nonexistent virtue, Duncan and Fitz leave Verona together, both determined to learn to read. Star-Crossed
1639 Florence, Italy IIn service to the Duke of Milan, Duncan and Fitzcairn duel with the Duke's enemies, but a passerby, wearing a mysterious symbol, is killed during the fight. The Hunters
1640 France Duncan meets the independent Immortal Kyra in a traveller's inn, and they share more than a room for the night. Patient Number Seven
1653.1 Mediterranean Sea/Algiers Duncan is travelling on a ship hijacked by pirates and he is sold into slavery in Algiers and purchased by Hamza El Kahir. Scimitar
1653.2 Algiers Although Duncan's mentor Hamza El Kahir wishes to avoid a challenge by Xavier St. Cloud, he relents when he realizes that Duncan will face Xavier in his place. Hamza fights bravely, but loses his head. Finale, Part I
1655 Venice, Italy Duncan encounters Immortal Machiavelli and his band of followers. Measure of a Man
1657 Europe Graham Ashe sends his student Duncan to Holy Ground when Ashe is challenged by Haresh Clay. Ashe loses, and unsuccessfully begs Clay not to kill him. Afterwards, Clay taunts Duncan for staying on Holy Ground. The End of Innocence Duncan met Ashe in Capri, competing for the affections of the tavern keeper's daughter.
1658 Europe (France?) St. Christopher's Monastery Duncan is exhausted, and seeks sanctuary in the monestary run by the Immortal Paul. Duncan meets Kalas, an Immortal with a beautiful voice, but Duncan learns that Kalas is taking the heads of visiting Immortals as soon as they leave Holy Ground. When Duncan reveals this to Paul, Kalas is banished forever. Song of the Executioner
1659 Normandy, France Duncan meets the Immortal Kristen, who takes him as a lover and teaches him the art of being a gentleman. Chivalry
1660.1 Normandy, France Duncan falls in love with artist Louise Barton, and leaves Kristen when he learns that she killed Louise out of jealousy. Chivalry Duncan left Kristen in March.
1660.2 France Duncan meets Grace Chandel as she is assisting a local woman in childbirth. Saving Grace
1662 England Duncan learns that his friend John Garrick is to be burned as a witch; although Duncan tries to help, Garrick only makes the situation worse, and both he and Duncan are to be burned. Duncan frees them and believes Garrick has escaped, although Garrick was in fact recaptured and burned as a witch. Shadows
1663 England Duncan is part of Walter Graham's travelling Shakespeare troupe. Timeless
1670 Scotland Duncan is tutor to Auric, a local chieftan's son. He is anxious to fight when challenged by immortal Michel de Burgoyne, but Duncan ensures that the Rules are obeyed. Unholy Alliance, Part I
1680 c. China Duncan and Kiem Sun meet a herbalist who possesses the rare Kwanlo root. Road Not Taken Logged as a reference in a report rather than an actual observation.
1689 Killecrankie, Scotland Duncan joins the clans in the fight against King William. Scotland the Brave
1696 Chateau de Valiciourt (near Paris), France Duncan and Fitz reluctantly celebrate the marriage of Gina to Robert de Valicourt. Till Death
1700 Paris, France Martin Hyde challenges Duncan's friend Segur. Before leaving, Segur gives Duncan a bottle of the finest cognac, which he promises they will drink together later that evening. However, Segur does not return. Prodigal Son
1712.1 England, Queen Anne's Court Complex intrigue is made worse by strife between Duncan's friend Dennis Keating and the Immortal Paul Kinman. Reluctant Heroes
1712.2 Dublin, Ireland Connor and Duncan meet Kate and tangle with highwaymen. Endgame
1715 Dublin, Ireland Duncan marries Kate and stabs her on their wedding night, activiating her latent immortality. Kate, distraught, runs away. Endgame
1720 London, England Duncan and Fitz meet in the bowels of Westminster Abbey, which Fitz is trying to blow up to unseat King George, while Duncan wants to steal the Stone of Scone to return it to Scotland. A golf match will decide who must assist whom, and Fitz cheats to win, deciding his new plan is to steal the crown jewels. Though they manage to get floor plans from Immortal Bernie Crimmins, things don't go quite as planned. The Stone of Scone
1728 England Duncan prevents Walter Reinhardt from robbing a coach on the London-Dover Road. Revenge is Sweet
1730 England Duncan is almost beheaded for poaching in the King's Forest, and is "rescued" by passing Immortal Charles Browning, who later tries to take Duncan's head while he's drunk. Counterfeit, Part I The people for whom Duncan was poaching live in Nottingham. Cute.
1745 Eriskay Island, Scotland Duncan and his friend Warren Cochrane celebrate a victory against the English. Through A Glass, Darkly
1746.1 Scotland Shortly before the battle at Culloden, Cochrane dies in a skirmish. Because his "body" was seen by fellow soldiers. Duncan must persuade him to leave. Through A Glass, Darkly
1746.2 Scotland After the battle of Culloden, Duncan encounters a preimmortal facing his first death on the battlefield. He promises to stay, but is summoned away by Bonnie Prince Charlie, and the man dies alone. Scotland the Brave
1746.3 Scotland Duncan and Ceirdwyn help Bonnie Prince Charlie escape Scotland after the defeat at Culloden. Take Back The Night
1746.4 England In the aftermath of Culloden, Duncan seeks out and kills the Earl responsible for ordering the savagery, shooting his friend, Immortal Steven Keane, in the process. Forgive Us Our Trespasses
1746.5 Scotland Duncan continues on his campaign of revenge. He exacts a heavy price, from both the English and himself, but eventually Ceirdwyn persuades him that there is a time the killing must end. Take Back The Night
1750 Russian Steppes Duncan shares cameraderie with the Cossacks for a time, including the Immortal Kristov, their leader. However he abruptly changes loyalties when the Cossacks destroy a village of farmers. Testimony
1753 Constantinople, Turkey Duncan encounters Amanda in the sultan's harem, rescuing her when she is sentenced to lose her hands for theft. Finale, Part II
1755 North Africa Duncan persuades Kassim to set free a young man sentenced to death for admiring a young noblewoman, promising Kassim a favor in the future. Promises
1764 India Acting as liaison to the Queen's representative, Duncan meets and falls in love with Vashti, a widow he "rescues" from becoming suttee. Vashti's own honor dictates her path after she and Duncan spend one night together. The Wrath of Kali
1778.1 South Pacific The ship upon which Duncan is serving for a journey from Asia to America is in trouble, without enough food or water. The captain, Immortal Terence Kincaid, refuses to turn back. During a mutiny, Duncan sides with the crew, and Kincaid is marooned on a remote island. Reunion Duncan joined the ship in Singapore.
1778.2 Japan Duncan is shipwrecked and befriended by Hideo Koto, who is ordered to take his own life for disobeying the Shogun's order and befriending a barbarian. Hideo gives Duncan his katana before he takes his own life, with Duncan acting as his second. The Samurai The Koto land is south of Edo.
1780.1 China Duncan visits Kiem Sun and sees the results of his drug experiments. Road Not Taken Very unclear how or where Duncan received Kiem Sun's message, although Duncan's comment that Kiem Sun had brought him "halfway around the world" implies he had returned to Europe.
1780.2 Mongolia On Kiem Sun's advice, Duncan seeks out teacher May-Ling Shen, who teaches him Chinese martial arts. After their teacher/student relationship ends, Duncan remains for a time as May-Ling's lover. They Also Serve
1781 Lhasa, Tibet Duncan meets the Dalai Lama -- and falls in love with the lovely Xiao-nan -- on his journey to Tibet. The Path
1783 France Kuyler assasinates the Baron Duncan was hired to protect. For Evil's Sake
1785 England Peter Kanis is sentenced to death by the duchess with whom Duncan is keeping company, but Kanis' dogs rescue him from a shallow grave before Duncan can return to challenge him. Leader of the Pack The duchess saw Duncan, peniless at the moment, bathing and invited him to become her horsemaster. Very few horses were apparently involved in Duncan's duties.
1786.1 England Duncan meets Terence Coventry when a young woman who claims to need protection from Coventry seeks his help. Unfortunately, the woman is a thief who stole Coventry's purse, and she steals Duncan's horse, although Coventry gives him a lift. Dramatic License Duncan left the Duchess' "service" after the local vicar expressed his disapproval..
1786.2 Paris, France Duncan and Gabriel Piton enjoy the diversions in a whorehouse, leaving in a hurry when a noblewoman notes that her jewels are missing. Eye of the Beholder
1788 Normandy, France Duncan and Warren Cochrane visit Bonnie Prince Charlie in exile, taking away very different impressions of their experience. Through A Glass, Darkly
1795 England Duncan's student, Jean-Phillipe de la Faye, is killed by Damon Case. The Immortal Cimoli
1796.1 France Duncan encounters Alex Raven, who appears to have beheaded an unarmed man, unaware that he killed Alex's lover before his arrival. Sins of the Father
1796.2 Chateau de Valiciourt (near Paris), France On Robert and Gina's hundredth anniversary, Gina enlists the help of Fitz and Duncan to rescue Robert from the revolutionaries' guillotine. Till Death
1803 England Duncan and Piton fight over a necklace Piton stole from a duchess, Duncan's lover. Duncan wins and spares Piton's life for the return of the necklace. Eye of the Beholder
1804 Bavaria Amanda leaves Duncan, taking stolen jewels with her. The Lady and the Tiger
1805 England Duncan's friend Johnny Sandringham is convicted of the murder of Will Lattimore, who was actually murdered by Immortals Peter Matlin and Lyman Kurlow. Unable to save Johnny any other way, Duncan confesses to the murder and hangs in his place. He later challenges Kurlow, who escapes before the fight's conclusion. Blackmail Duncan was still with the same Duchess as in 1803, whom he had to leave after he was hanged.
1806 France Instructed to take possession of the d'Estaing estate, Duncan encounters Immortal Morgan d'Estaing and his new teacher, Xavier St. Cloud. Double Jeopardy
1810 Switzerland Duncan and his friend Brian Cullen are travelling when Cullen is challenged by young dandy Alan Kelly. Cullen sends Duncan ahead while he attends to the duel, with a promise to follow on the young man's horse. Courage
1814 France While serving with a Highland regiment during the Napoleonic Wars, Duncan promises a dying French officer that he will deliver his ring to his son. Unholy Alliance, Part II
1815.1 France During the Napoleonic Wars, Duncan fails to save the life of a friend wrongly sentenced to death for fleeing the field of battle. Nowhere to Run
1815.2 Waterloo Duncan meets Darius on the battlefield. Band of Brothers
1816 Paris, France Duncan visits Darius and tells him that he is leaving for the New World. Band of Brothers
1817 Fort Wolfe, Montana The Immortal Durgan kills a priest and steals the Cross of St. Antoine, but Duncan vows to the dying priest that he will return the cross to the church. The Cross of St. Antoine
1825 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Duncan is present when the wealthy Julia and her father reject Immortal wood craftsman David Keogh as Julia's suitor. Obsession
1830 Peru Duncan and his guide are captured by a group of local Indians loyal to the Immortal Gavriel Larca, who they believe to be a god. The Indians are struck with an illness, and Duncan narrowly escapes being beheaded as a sacrifice. Little Tin God
1833 London, England Duncan meets Reagan Cole in the disguise of a Polish countess, but she is a bounty hunter hired to capture him for "treason." She then learns that Duncan was to be beheaded for seducing the Duke's wife and ambushes the carriage taking him to the Duke. Still miffed, Duncan ties her to the carriage as she makes his getaway. Deadly Exposure
1836 London, England Duncan watches Willie Kingsley "lose" a duel he orchestrated after stealing his opponent's money. Diplomatic Immunity
1840 Paris, France Nicholas Ward, an Immortal who covers murder by capitalizing on popular frenzy, kills the owners of a business he wants. Duncna stops him from marrying the dead man's daughter and heir. The Vampire
1840.1 Paris, France Duncan bids farewell to Grace and her lover Carlo Sendaro, who are leaving for the Amazon. Saving Grace
1847 Central Europe Duncan is living with Immortals Jacob and Irena Galati and their gypsy caravan. But after Irena is raped by a local, Jacob is hanged for killing her attacker, and they must leave. One Minute to Midnight
1848 Gypsy Camp along the Alzette River Carmen prophecizes that Duncan will bury many women, but never marry; Duncan is exiled from the Gypsies. The Darkness
1851 Madrid, Spain Duncan is in love with Theresa del Gloria, but Immortal Otavio Consone, who until the conflict over Theresa arose taught Duncan the art of Spanish swordplay, has the status and position to win her hand. Consone and Duncan fight in front of Theresa, and when Duncan seems about to lose, Theresa promises her fidelity to Consone in exchange for Duncan's life. Duende
1853 Madrid, Spain Returning to Madrid, Duncan learns that Theresa died in an "accident." Theresa's faithful servant persuades Duncan not to challenge Consone, arguing that if Duncan died at Consone's hand, Theresa's death would have no meaning. Duende
1854 San Francisco, California Duncan's date with Katherine is cut short when he senses another Immortal, his friend Brian Cullen. He is surprised when Brian slips away from a fight, and dismayed to find him later in an opium den, paranoid and out of control. Courage
1862 Virginia While helping slaves escape on the Underground Railroad, he meets a child Immortal, Sean. Although he leaves Sean in a place he believes to be safe, Duncan must leave to escort the slaves to safety, and returns to find Sean dead at the hand of an unknown Immortal. The Lamb
1863 Tennessee Duncan meets Lucas Desiree when captured by Confederate soldiers. Innocent Man
1864 Andersonville, Georgia Duncan and ex-slave Jeffrey are captured and imprisoned by the confederate army at Andersonville. Immortal camp commander Culbraith refuses to provide a doctor to attend Jeffrey's worsening leg wound, and Duncan breaks his friend's neck rather than allow him to suffer death from gangrene. The Messenger
1866 Annapolis, Maryland Duncan's lover, Bess, is accidentally killed by her fiance, Ned, when Ned and Duncan fight.. Epitaph for Tommy
1867.1 Mexico In the closing days of the Mexican revolution, Duncan is unable to persuade Immortal revolutionary Paul Karros to end the killing once the rebels have prevailed. The Revolutionary
1867.2 Agua Dulce, Texas During his time with the Texas rangers, Duncan encounters "Melvin Koren," leader of a brutal band of marauders, almost losing his head in a fight. Comes A Horseman
1868.1 McKewansville, Dakota Territory Duncan's attempt to rescue and seek medical attention for a young Indian goes awry. The Innocent The Indian was the brother of Makina, Little Deer's husband; Duncan met the tribe for the first time when he returned the body to the Sioux.
1868.2 Pacific Northwest Duncan meets Carl the Hermit and learns tracking skills. Mountain Men
1872.1 Pacific Northwest, Lakota territory Duncan's happy life with Little Deer and her son, Kahani, ends when the army, assisted by Immortal tracker Kern, massacre the entire village while Duncan is away hunting. His kinsman Connor is there to help lay the tribe to rest. Line of Fire
1872.2 Pacific Northwest Duncan will stop at nothing to find Kern, a quest continued at a great cost to himself as well as others. In an army jail cell, he meets fellow Immortal Coltec, a hayoka who helps to relieve Duncan of his pain and anger. Something Wicked
1872.3 Pacific Northwest Duncan builds a cabin on Holy Ground and tells Connor that he's out of the Game for awhile. The Gathering
1882.1 Davidson, Washington Territory Duncan is in love with Sarah Carter, and devastated to find out that she's married. When she returns to her husband, he is unable to leave her alone, despite her pleading for him to do so. Duncan is shot by her husband, and reawakens in front of Sarah. Obsession
1882.2 Davidson, Washington Territory Duncan, while running the town newspaper, encounters Mako, an immortal bounty hunter and federal marshal. Duncan is unable to stop a fatal confrontation between Mako and his young friend, Tim Ramsey, wanted for a railroad robbery years earlier. Under Color of Authority
1883 Washington Territory Duncan and Gregor Powers do the best they can to assist the ill during a cholera epidemic. Studies in Light
1886 San Francisco, California Duncan is helping his friend Alec Hill build a house for his wife Genevieve, but Genevieve is murdered by Immortal Gerard Kragen. Duncan promises that he will kill Kragen if Alec cannot. Haunted
1888.1 San Francisco Amanda wins the Double Eagle saloon from Kit O'Brady in a poker game, but the saloon, renamed the Queen of Spades, is burned to the ground shortly thereafter. Double Eagle
1888.2 San Francisco, California Two years after Genevieve's death, Duncan is unable to persuade Alec Hill to return to the world of the living. Haunted
1889 Alaska Duncan, Fitz and Fitz's student Danny seek gold in Alaska. White Silence
1891 San Francisco, California Tommy Sullivan talks Duncan into a bare-knuckle fight, but unbeknownst to Duncan, Tommy acquires the prize by killing the opposing fighter's manager. The Fighter
1896 Boston, Massachusetts Duncan encounters Sharon, an Immortal who claims to need help, but attempts to set him up to lose his head by Axel Whittaker. After Duncan persuades Sharon to leave Axel, she is no longer of use to Axel and he takes her head. Rite of Passage
1897 Nantucket, Massachusetts Duncan defeats the evil Immortal Khordas. The Element of Fire
1905 New York, New York A grocer friend of Duncan's is killed by mobsters for refusing to pay extortion demands. Revenge of the Sword
1916 Cairo, Egypt Attached to the Arab Bureau of the English crown, Duncan meets Lawrence of Arabia and acts as his messenger to one of the Arab tribes, encountering and defeating Immortal al'Zafir ibn Muhannad. Scimitar
1917.1 France Duncan meets Xavier St. Cloud on a battlefield during World War I. For Tomorrow We Die
1917.2 France Duncan serves as a medic during World War I, and at a country hospital, he meets and becomes friends with Immortal psychologist Sean Burns. Deliverance
1918.1 France Despite receiving news of the armistice, Immortal Colonel Simon Killian ignores Duncan's pleas and continues the battle, resulting in the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of soldiers. The Colonel
1919.1 England Believing that a violation of mortal law should be redressed by mortal justice, Duncan persuades Killian's court martial to remand him to a mental institution instead of sentencing him to death. The Colonel
1919.2 Soviet Union Duncan saves the Abernovs from execution by promising the Immortal Drakov not to fight him unless they are the last two Immortals left. Warmonger
1919.3 Ireland Duncan and Annie Devlin escape an English ambush, but Annie's mortal husband is killed. Annie remains behind to plot revenge despite Duncan's request to accompany him. Eye for An Eye
1920.1 Paris, France Duncan encounters Kalas again, this time living as opera singer Antonio Neri, while escorting young singer Maria Campolo to a party at his home. Kalas later tries to kill Maria; Duncan stops him, but their fight ends with a serious wound to Kalas' throat that will destroy his voice forever. Methos
1920.2 Pennsylvania Duncan witnesses the death of his friend, mine owner's son Jesse Collins, when Jesse takes the side of the workers during a labor dispute. The Zone Duncan traveled with Maria to New York and got her settled at the Met before traveling on.
1921 Seacouver Quentin Barnes kills the wife of Duncan's friend Michael Moore. Turnabout
1923 Boston, Massachusetts During a serious conversation on an otherwise joyful New Year's Eve celebration, Duncan realizes that he must break up with Nora Fontaine, a lovely flapper who wants to have children of her own despite her free-spirited ways. Bless the Child
1925 Seacouver Duncan defeats Immortal serial killer Marcus Korolus. See No Evil
1926.1 Missouri Duncan and Amanda, recently departed from the circus, meet Cory Raines, who claims to be the Immortal answer to Robin Hood. Cory and Amanda become Bonnie and Clyde, responsible for a string of bank robberies, and Duncan is left to dig them out of shallow graves when they are "killed" perpetuating their crimes. Money No Object
1926.2 Louisiana Duncan meets Carl Robinson and helps him escape a lynching. Run for Your Life
1929.1 New York, New York Duncan encounters pre-Immortal Johnny K., who becomes Immortal when shot by the mobsters he's trying to blackmail. Despite Duncan's entreaties that Johnny has other business now, Johnny rejects Duncan's offer of help and goes off to seek revenge. Glory Days
1929.2 England Duncan tries to help Fitz solve his own "murder." The Unusual Suspects
1930 Paris, France Immortals Kagan and Tarsis rob a bank where Duncan is transacting business; when innocents die during the getaway, Duncan challenges Tarsis and takes his head. Reasonable Doubt
1935 Berlin, Germany Duncan and Ingrid Henning pose as Nazis to undermine the German war effort. The Valkyrie
1936 Berlin Duncan encounters Amanda while trying to assist a scientist in escaping from Germany. The Return of Amanda
1937 Spain Duncan and Kage are supposedly journalists covering the Spanish Civil War, but Kage betrays Duncan and his friends so that he will be on the profitable, winning side. Blind Faith
1938.1 Leningrad, Soviet Union Duncan is trying to help Jewish refugees escape Russia, but he is betrayed by Alexi Voshin. The Sea Witch
1938.2 Seacouver Duncan meets Immortal hoodlum Benny Carbassa and is charmed by singer Peggy McCall, who is trying to make her boyfriend Joey jealous. Duncan and Joey are both "killed" by Joey's brother Sid, who takes both Peggy and Sid's business. Vendetta
1938.3 Seacouver Duncan and Linda Plager meet at the scene of a fire. Studies in Light
1939 Seacouver Linda Plager leaves Duncan. Studies in Light
1940 London, England Duncan and his lover, American reporter Diane Terrin, are in London during the Blitz, and despite Duncan's protests, Diane refuses to take shelter during the bombing attacks. On the one occasion when he persuades her to do so, they are trapped in an underground station and suffocate before their rescue. The Blitz After her death, Duncan arranged to have Diane's remains interred in Colorado.
1943.1 Warsaw, Poland In early 1943, Duncan and Avram Mordecai help in any way they can during the last days of the Warsaw Ghetto. Zealot
1943.2 France Duncan is working with the French resistance when a young boy, Bernard, sees him "die" and revive. Duncan swears him to secrecy, unaware that Bernard has his own secret -- he accidentally killed a Nazi major, Ernst Daimler, unaware that Daimler is Immortal. Mortal Sins
1944 Berlin and Rastenburg, East Prussia A carefully laid plan to assassinate Hitler with a bomb explosion fails, and Ingrid Henning finds herself unable to shoot Hitler. The Valkyrie
1946 London, England Liam O'Rourke bombs a tavern where a British general is drinking. Outside, when Duncan realizes what has happened, he fights O'Rourke and the delay results in the capture of O'Rourke and his mortal lover, Tara. To Be
1950 London, England Duncan learns of Fitz's duplicity in their last round of golf, while Amanda wants to steal the Stone of Scone in the mistaken belief it is a diamond rather than a slab of granite. The Stone of Scone
1954 Alabama While visiting with his friend Carl Robinson, Duncan and Carl are asked to leave a whites-only diner, but soon learn that the Supreme Court has overturned laws allowing segregation in schools. Run for Your Life
1958 New York, New York Duncan finds and challenges the evil Immortal Bryce Korland, but Coltec is the one who takes Korland's head. Something Wicked
1968 Paris Professor Duncan MacLeod has built a peaceful life, which ends when the woman he loves and his students begin to build barricades in the streets, convinced that tomorrow will bring them a better life. Duncan remembers barricades all too well, but how can he convince those he loves that barricades will bring only death? Barricades This novel is unfinished and unreleased, sadly.
1975 Cambodia Kage refuses to help evacuate a group of orphans Duncan is trying to lead to safety. Before leaving with a helicopter full of drugs, Kage shoots Duncan, and the children are massacred by the Khmer Rouge. Blind Faith
1979 France Duncan and his lady friend Desiree are enjoying the evening in the Baron LeMartin's casino. Desiree wins a large amount at blackjack, and takes the money in cash. Later that night, she and Duncan are robbed of the money, the thieves also getting away with Duncan's favorite watch. The Ransom of Richard Redstone
1980 Paris, France Leaping onto a tour boat to escape Kuyler and the police, Duncan meets Tessa Noel. For Evil's Sake
1983 Paris, France After being together for three years, Duncan tells Tessa about immortality. Counterfeit, Part II
1988 Seacouver On New Year's Eve, a fight between Duncan and Walter Reinhardt ends when Reinhardt tumbles into the bay. Revenge is Sweet

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