Series - F

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Summary: Three stories of an on-going Duncan/Methos relationship

Categories: Short Stories Characters: Duncan, Methos, Other canon character(s)
Genres: Alternate Universe, Duncan/Methos, Slash Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Open: Yes
Summary: Duncan's friends search for him and deal with the consequences of his actions after Richie's death.
Categories: Short Stories Characters: Methos, Joe, Connor
Genres: Gen Warnings: None
Challenges: Where Does Methos go, when he goes?
Open: No
Summary: These are the stories of Duncan's tumultous first years as an Immortal. Having been cruelly banished from his clan as a demon and living for years as an outcast, he eventually stumbles into a cave in Strathconnon Forest and encounters his first Immortal in an experience that will scar him forever. Ultimately, he is found by the legendary Connor MacLeod, from whom he learns who and what he is, and they form a bond of brotherhood that will sustain them both through the centuries.
Categories: Novels Characters: Duncan, Connor, Original Character(s), Other canon character(s)
Genres: Gen, Historical Fic Warnings: Explicit violence
Challenges: None
Open: No