Reviews For Las Animas
Reviewer: macgeorge Signed Date: 01/22/08 - 02:08PM Title: none

This is lovely and evocative. It's a stretch for me to see Connor and Duncan together, but this makes it not just believable, but inevitable. I especially loved the spot-on characterization and relationship between these two strong, distinctive personalities, as well as the great sense of time and place in the vast wilderness of Colorado of that era.

Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading it! You know I\'m always pleased as punch when you like something I\'ve written. Wonderful to hear. I always laugh when people say they don\'t see Duncan/Connor. To me, it\'s the most natural pairing in the world. I mean, Methos never looked a bare-chested Duncan up and down, grinned like a wolf, and said, \"You look good.\" *g* But I\'m glad it worked all right for you despite the pairing hurdle.