Reviewer: Kijikun Signed Date: 10/31/07 - 06:44PM Title: Chapter 26, "Sins of Omission" series

Okay Connor you're an ass.

*G* Wonderful story, I've read throne all the chapters several times and I can't wait for the next bit.

I'm a bit confused by Alex suddenly going by Sandra but I assume she changed her name or you'll explain the name change.

Author's Response: Heheheh. Her full first name is \"Alexandra\". You can shorten that to either \"Alex\" or \"Sandra\". Since people she worked with used to call her \"Alex\", I figured \"Sandra\" would be a private pet-name used between her and Connor. ...Besides, I didn\'t want to give away the game too early. And yes, Connor does have a history of tying his personal life up in knots. But then again, how do you explain to somebody like John that a) Daddy was gone for ten years to keep a murderer off your back, b) reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated, c) he\'s an Immortal? Don\'t worry; all shall be straightened out in chapters to come. Enjoy! --Leslie <;)))><