Reviews For Appearances
Reviewer: Adri Signed Date: 08/25/10 - 03:51AM Title: Appearances

Great story my favorite line: "I was thinking whiskey," Sanchez admitted. "A man can work up a powerful thirst watching you decide not to break out of jail."
Had to laugh! I must point out though that you have put this in the 'Artifacts' series instead of the story 'Antiquities'. On a side note, please please please write more stories in that series!!

Author's Response: Oh, man, I had a wonderful time writing this fic. I love Josiah\'s deadpan humor, and it went so well with Matthew\'s sarcastic streak. Glad you liked it so much, and thank you for telling me. I\'ll get the series straightened out! Hmm. As soon as I have another one for Antiquities, I\'ll write it. I think the next one is actually going to be Connor and some of SG-1, not Rebecca, but hey, could be worse, right?