Reviews For Blue Sun Rising
Reviewer: Sylvan Signed Date: 02/10/15 - 08:48PM Title: Chapter 17

Oh, it would be cool to see this continued. *hugs*

Reviewer: TouchoftheWind Signed Date: 03/28/11 - 04:45PM Title: Chapter 17

Very good story!

Reviewer: Fanlass Signed Date: 12/02/10 - 07:48PM Title: Chapter 17

Great fan fiction - I love fire fly and Methos and you did a great job but i want more! Very god writing and kept my interest. Good job.

Reviewer: Fanlass Signed Date: 12/02/10 - 02:29PM Title: Chapter 1

Very good! kept my interest. A fun romp.

Reviewer: blepharisma Signed Date: 04/20/08 - 10:46AM Title: Chapter 1

Wonderful! I can't wait for a sequel.. there's going to be a sequel, right? I love your take on River, and I'm very curious where you'll take Zoe with this.

Reviewer: Bookmom Signed Date: 12/18/07 - 11:04PM Title: Chapter 1

Absolutely loving this xover. You have captured both 'verses wonderfully. Can't wait for the next bit.
Read your other stories and loved them too.

Reviewer: dm24 Signed Date: 02/10/07 - 11:15PM Title: Chapter 1

I just finished watching the Firefly DVDs. You've done an incredible job of capturing their voices. I'm really looking forward to your updates.

Author's Response: Thank you :-)

Reviewer: Rivana Signed Date: 02/10/07 - 07:20AM Title: Chapter 3

If I were Methos I'd be thinking bloody murder right about now... Cheeky brats and all that. This story is very nice so far. I look forward to seeing where it will go.

Author's Response: Thank you, more coming up :-)

Reviewer: MistressTitania Signed Date: 02/09/07 - 06:14PM Title: Chapter 1

Wow! I'm loving this crossover. I don't normally read het/gen fics but Methos is one of my favorite character and Firefly one of my favorite series so I figured I'd give it a chance. And I'm really enjoying it! I have to wonder if you hinting that maybe Zoe is a preimmortal. Love the interactions between the chars, very incharacter I think. I also like the fact that your brought Inara back(I have a pair of guinea pigs named Kaylee & Inara). Look foward to the next part.

Author's Response: Thank you - more coming soon :-)