Reviews For Mutable Scars
Reviewer: Maple Signed Date: 05/06/11 - 09:03PM Title: Mutable Scars

Very powerful poem.

Reviewer: Maple Signed Date: 11/03/08 - 11:29AM Title: Mutable Scars

Weird, but moving in an internally uneasy way.

Reviewer: Maple Signed Date: 10/29/06 - 09:33PM Title: Mutable Scars

Wow. Gorgeous words; heavy topic.

Reviewer: Carson Kearns Signed Date: 10/21/06 - 09:48AM Title: Mutable Scars

This is just stunning - multi-facted, intelligent...beautiful use of language and insights into the events which led to the musing.  thank you :-)

Reviewer: Holde_Maid Signed Date: 10/20/06 - 11:43AM Title: Mutable Scars

Tight and meaningful. It's a category of poem that I don't generally like, but this one's an exception.