Reviews For Constants
Reviewer: Raine Wynd Signed Date: 11/26/06 - 07:03PM Title: Constants

I love how perfectly I can see Amanda in this context. Thanks for such a cool present! - Raine

Author's Response: ::laughing:: You\'re welcome! Yeah, I hadn\'t even thought of it \'til the whole thing popped into my head, ready-made. And then I realized she fit perfectly.

Reviewer: Holde_Maid Signed Date: 11/04/06 - 06:12AM Title: Constants

Wow, what a precise and detailed picture is painted in this story!

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m so very glad you liked it so much! Oh, and I\'ve been meaning to say -- thank you for all the reviews you\'ve been leaving for everyone. ::grins:: Feedback makes fandom go \'round. Thank you.