Reviewer: hereweare Signed Date: 02/08/09 - 06:13PM Title: Part 1

Well, that was certainly an fascinating read, which reminded me strongly of Kronos himself. In spite of the violence and the perversity, there is something about it which compells you to read, a sense of purpose which you never lost and which makes "brothers under the skin" much more than just a "let's torture Duncan" story...
I really admire your sense of characterization and am very grateful that you didn't leave us readers hanging after Kronos's death but provided some sort of closure... Fantastic Methos, fascinating Kronos, strangely loveable Silas, angsty MacLeod and a great Joe... A twisted scheme in which our heroes struggle, like flies caught in a spider web... And a plot which doesn't shy away from necessary violence... Wht more could a girl ask for?
Thank you!

Reviewer: Shalla Neltrina Signed Date: 12/01/07 - 10:27PM Title: Chapter 4

Wow. I can't say that I enjoyed that story--it was very dark and made me uncomfortable--but this is a wonderful character study. And whether I enjoyed it or not, this fic is extremely well written and stays true to the characters. Wonderful ending too; I was afraid the characters would ride into the proverbial sunset, but the ending was satisfyingly realistic. All in all, well done.