Reviewer: Sylvan Signed Date: 02/05/15 - 09:49AM Title: Farewell to Misgivings

I like your stories. Can't seem to find Farewell and Good Luck, though!

Reviewer: Adri Signed Date: 09/16/11 - 06:30PM Title: Farewell to Misgivings

I love this series, please please please continue this. On another note, for some reason I keep imagining this crossing over with SG1, and Methos having to go off-world to get some peace and a private life. I think we all just want him to be happy, but things just keep happening to him.

Reviewer: nljfs Signed Date: 12/29/10 - 10:13PM Title: Farewell to Misgivings

No reviews yet? Is everyone busy? I love your stories... I can't wait for the next set. I did notice several things, but, poor Albert -- he's always worried about Methos being lonely & not having a girlfriend... but what about him, he's in the same boat ... and unlike Methos, he's getting older. I think a scene where Methos sets Albert up on a date would be cute. Maybe too cute, but I think Albert needs a girl (or guy) because I'd think he'd be lonely too. (I miss Joe... wish he'd visit).