Reviews For First Harvests
Reviewer: Junesun Signed Date: 09/15/10 - 02:09PM Title: Chapter 1

Awesome! I read the entire series in 48 hours and couldn't stop. My boss is quite annoyed with me now, oops...

Still hope you'll post another installment soon!

Author's Response: Whoops! Sorry I\'m running so late replying! Try to stay out of trouble with your boss, and until I catch up on converting everything over for the archives, try

Reviewer: Marcus Rowland Signed Date: 07/28/10 - 05:36AM Title: Chapter 1

I think that something has gone wrong with the paragraph spacing on this - I'm just seeing some huge blocks of text separated by lines of asterisks, it's pretty much unreadable. I think you may have left out paragraph breaks when you uploaded it.

Author's Response: It looked readable in the preview, but yeah, now it isn\'t. I\'ll take it down. Thanks.