Reviewer: Sylvan Signed Date: 12/27/14 - 10:35AM Title: Chapter 51

Another 9 1/2 Weeks springs to mind in the end.

Reviewer: Sylvan Signed Date: 11/18/14 - 01:43AM Title: Chapter 20

I really enjoy this story. Joe and Methos drawn together, slow revalations. The sub-plot about Methos feeling compelled to surrender to Duncan. I haven't read it all, yet.

Reviewer: LizM Signed Date: 01/09/10 - 08:29AM Title: Prolog

AS far as Methos and Joe are concerned THIS is Canon for me! I love how much depth you give to the characters and how much you interweave canon with your take on it.
And since I also know how much work and time this baby cost you, I'll again give a resounding: EVERYONE go read, even if you don't ship Methos and Joe. The writing will suck you in anyway.

Reviewer: alicebs Signed Date: 12/16/09 - 04:51AM Title: Prolog

Hello, I have just finished reading this series, "Adam and Joe Universe", and this review is for the entire series, not just for the "Highlander Slash Novel".

I can heartily recommend this entire universe. The development of Methos' and Joe relationship is slow, heart-breaking at times, but beautifully done. I am not particularly fond of this pairing, but you made it a tender and convincing relationship, and wove it in a practically seamless manner into canon. The only device that sounded a little artificial (spoiler! stop if you do not want to know what happens in the story!) was Methos' amnesia that allowed him to fall in love with Alexa.

Your original character, Cassie, injects a dose of magic that is completely alien to the Highlander universe, but somehow it fits and provides a change of scenery that is absolutely refreshing. I almost wrote "comical relief", but it is not quite comical, although it certainly lightens a passage in the story where the angst risks going over the top.

The sequel, "Edge of the Ocean", is extraordinarily poetic and will speak to anyone who loves the sea (as I do). Your understanding for physical disabilities is amazing and not only skin deep. "The House of Novelty Tee-Shirts" is funny and beautiful, Alex and Jobey are just so loving and uplifting, that I recommend this story even to those who are wary of the "incest and non-consensual sex" warnings.

I have added you to my favourite authors, and look forward to reading more from you.

Author's Response: Wow. Thank you so much. I\'m sorry it took me so long to respond to this review; that\'s because of RL, not because it was unappreciated! This is the kind of detailed feedback that makes a writer\'s soul glow. LOL, yes, I agree the amnesia plotline is pretty forced! I hated myself so much for resorting to that. :) But I honestly couldn\'t think of any other way to both stay true to the cannon and the relationship I\'d set up between Methos and Joe, so amnesia it was. And I\'m glad Cassie worked for you, reactions to her have been pretty mixed! Several people have told me she was too Mary Sue-ish to be enjoyable, so I\'m happy to hear you liked her chapters. I\'m not sure I agree with you about her magic being completely alien to the Highlander Universe, though. ;) This *is* a world full of Immortals, demons, and magic crystals, after all. To my mind, a very psychic pyschic fits right in... But the comment that made me glow the most was your thoughts on \"Ocean\". I\'m not challenged the way Joe is, but I was legally blind for a number of years--bad infection of my optic nerves, very long story--so hearing that my understanding of physical disabilities touched you was especially meaningful to me. I\'m still kind of awed that the muses gifted me with that story. I\'m pretty sure that the scene where Joe is steeling himself to actually experience the ocean again is one of the most powerful things I\'ll ever get to write. So thank you again! I\'m honored that you\'ve added me to your favorite author list, and I hope my future work lives up to your expectations! ~Genny