Reviews For Missed Connections
Reviewer: Ellie_Smith Signed Date: 04/03/11 - 06:13PM Title: Part 5

This was a wonderfull story it could have been lifted from the series. Not many fics i've read are as good as this :)

Reviewer: Fanlass Signed Date: 12/31/10 - 07:56PM Title: Part 5

This was a well written story with very good imagery. I usually am not in to slash but i do like a well written story and i found this to be very good. Your story structure was great and plot was well organized, character development was was interesting and good. What really counts is the story kept my interest and kept me reading. As i say i can't tolerate a bad writer, I don't comment on their stories because I can't finish then... this story I couldn't take my eyes off the page until it was over. thank you

Reviewer: Innogen Signed Date: 10/09/09 - 05:01AM Title: Part 5

I really think this is one of the best post Endgame pieces I've read recently. I really like the recurring dream pervading throughout the story, conveying the sense of urgency to the protagonist. Also, you captured Gina perfectly. Too bad, eh? But, ah, the major IRONY in the last beheading and exitentialism!