Reviewer: Adri Signed Date: 11/17/09 - 02:09AM Title: Chapter 33, "Sins of Omission" series

He he..I loved that last paragraph! and my god that was mind-meltingly hot!
Umm... it's been 2 months.. any chance of a new chapter soon? * hopefull look* please?!

Author's Response: Heheheheh. Sorry I\'ve been slow with the next chapter; it\'s been a hectic few months and the Pro writing had to take precedence. Be assured, the next chapter is already in the works. Patience!

Reviewer: alicebs Signed Date: 09/22/09 - 10:47AM Title: Chapter 33, "Sins of Omission" series

Hmm, very nicely done - this series was already pretty much tied in with "Methos on the Couch", now "Buried Monuments" is also a coherent part of the whole. It is a very interesting universe, I must say.

I liked the alternation between the Psychic Army and Connor's castle, too. Mamma Lavecchia is a wonderful character.

Poor Methos, he was really battered after this experience. At least he got the cuddle he needed from Duncan... I hope Cassandra is now satisfied and will stop harassing him.

The confrontation with Ahriman is taking epic proportions. I'm really looking forward to that, and to finding out what he/she really looks like.

Reviewer: Innogen Signed Date: 09/20/09 - 08:45PM Title: Chapter 33, "Sins of Omission" series

LOL! A Psychic Orgy - another kind of psychic shield! So, they are projecting! Well, the others should enjoy the boost to their nocturnal activities while they can! LOL! Looking forward to more!

What kind of fallout is planned between Joe and Cassandra? Do you already have that in the works? Hmmm. It won't be good. I don't imagine Joe will take it well when he finds out what she did.

Poor Connor, can't keep all the stray thoughts of others out of his head.


Author's Response: Heheheh. Actually, it\'s just Connor who can pick them up right now, but then, he\'s part of the MacLeod Blood Brotherhood. Joe may love Cassandra, but he doesn\'t entirely trust her. I don\'t think he\'d be entirely shocked if he learned what happened, but he certainly wouldn\'t forgive easily. Patience! More to come. Heheheh. --Leslie <;)))><