Reviewer: Innogen Signed Date: 09/02/09 - 07:08PM Title: Chapter 32, "Sins of Omission"

Now, I never said that Connor was intentionally 'peeking' - I just got the impression that Methos and Duncan were 'broadcasting' on all 499 channel at full volume! ::giggles:: Besides, after his encounter with Cass, Connor's shields have to be a bit battle-worn....

Author's Response: Heheheh. Well, enough that he knew what Methos and Duncan were up to, but not so badly that he couldn\'t discreetly shut them out. *Snicker* --Leslie <;)))><

Reviewer: ReneeMR Signed Date: 09/02/09 - 06:14PM Title: Chapter 32, "Sins of Omission"

I am loving the story. Personally, I have never liked Cassandra. But you made her likeable. Then you turn around and bring her back as a real witch. I am truly looking forward to seeing how you delve into her future.

Plots inside of plots inside of plots! You have held it all up so remarkably well.

Looking forward to the grand finish. I just get the delicious feeling it's going to be a bang-up job that you do.

Thanks for such a great read,


Author's Response: Yes, Cassandra\'s an interesting character with her hard-held grudges and idealistic determination. You\'ll see a lot more of her in the next chapter, promise. --Leslie <;)))><

Reviewer: alicebs Signed Date: 09/02/09 - 10:57AM Title: Chapter 32, "Sins of Omission"

This chapter sounded as if the story is drawing to a close, events are coming to a head, people are gathering and getting the information they need to act. Let us hope that Cassandra will not spoil everything with her ancient hate of Methos - and now distrust of Connor's powers. Thanks, I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Heheheh. Yes, events are closing in for the big finish, but it\'s a way off yet. No, Cassandra won\'t spoil things, much as she\'ll try. And yes, there are more surprises lurking in the wings. Enjoy! --Leslie <;)))><

Reviewer: Innogen Signed Date: 09/01/09 - 08:40AM Title: Chapter 32, "Sins of Omission"

Um. WOW! This piece is some of your best work. A lot happened in a condensed amount of time. Congratulations! You are mastering the art of the short story! Oh, and the SMUT is great too! I had a feeling that Connor was kinda getting off, the way he was stroking his sword and all ::snerk:: Was that just a reader response reaction? Or, was that author intended? ~Innogen

Author's Response: Heheheheh. No, Connor knew exactly what Duncan and Methos were doing -- or how could he have told Joe -- but once he figured that out, he withdrew. Remember the earlier scene where he accidentally looked in on them just *planning* to find a comfy spot? And his apology after? Should\'ve implied that no, Connor is definitely not a peeper. *Snicker* Yes, I have to work at it to get my stories short; that\'s always been a problem for me. Glad you liked this one. And yes, there\'s more fun and games to come. Patience! --Leslie <;)))><

Reviewer: Adri Signed Date: 09/01/09 - 12:41AM Title: Chapter 32, "Sins of Omission"

Woah! that was intense. I can't wait for the next installment.

Author's Response: Glad you liked. Yes, there\'s more coming -- and the next chapter should link in, through the back door so to speak, with the \"Methos On The Couch\" series. Enjoy! --Leslie <;)))><