Reviewer: Sylvan Signed Date: 12/14/14 - 03:48AM Title: Chapter 15

Sweet story. Poor Nick!

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, Nick's not in a good place, but I figure between being on holy ground and getting some counseling for depression, he has a good chance of coming through it okay. Also: thanks for commenting on one of my older fics. It's much appreciated!

Reviewer: Innogen Signed Date: 07/13/09 - 03:52PM Title: Chapter 8

Jim is really callous about the threat or possible threat to Joe, just because he happens to be a part of something, or someone (Amanda) he doesn't understand? I never saw the Sentinal, but is the character really that unfeeling?

Author's Response: Jim\'s a complex guy with a lot of fear-based responses. It\'s not that he\'s callous; it\'s just that he has reasons for not wanting to be involved. :-)

Reviewer: Leslie Fish Signed Date: 07/01/09 - 10:16AM Title: Chapter 4

Oh, this is nice! When do we get to see the rest of it?

Hmmm, this is set after the last ep of HL:TOS and HL:RAVEN, but before ENDGAME, I take it? Or are ENDGAME and THE SOURCE in another universe? If so, good; leave them there. This is shaping up nicely without them, though I have trouble seeing Joe out of the Watchers completely. ...Or will they re-appear?

Anyway, this is a fine story and I hope to see more of it.


Author's Response: I\'m glad you like this! I don\'t consider Endgame and The Source to be canon for this (I saw Endgame and hated it, didn\'t bother to watch more than five minutes of The Source), but the notion of Joe being retired comes from Reunion. :-)